Vasakronan Uppsala pratar ChromoGenics

ChromoGenics - The Pioneers

Lanseringsfilm ConverLight Paragon

ChromoGenics lanserar ConverLight® Paragon och sätter en ny standard för fasadglas.
Med ConverLight Paragon har ChromoGenics lyckats skapa ett fasadglas som kombinerar det dynamiska glasets förmåga att automatiskt skifta ton efter solljus med världsledande isolering mot kyla.


ConverLight® Dynamic Glass at Holmøy Maritime AS (English)

At the administrative office of Holmøy Maritime AS, ConverLight® dynamic glass offers daylight and uninterrupted views of the Norwegian fjords while reducing both unwanted solar heat radiation and glare.

ConverLight® Dynamiska Glas på Holmøy Maritime AS (Svenska)

Vid det administrativa kontoret på Holmøy Maritime AS bevarar ConverLight® dynamiska glas dagsljus och oändlig utsikt över de norska fjordarna medan oönskad solvärmeinstrålning och bländning minskas.

ChromoGenics in energy efficiency and indoor comfort comparison study 2018


Dynamic Glass Academy are seminars about sustainability. ChromoGenics present how dynamic glass can improve energy savings and indoor comfort in buildings.

ChromoGenics Dynamic Glass 2017

ChromoGenics is a global leader in dynamic glass with controllable optical properties. The company’s unique electrochromic technology ConverLight™, provides dynamic solar control with increased indoor comfort and energy efficiency. In 2016 the company started sales and deliveries to real estate projects in Scandinavia. 

ChromoGenics is located in Uppsala and technology is derived from the world leading research center at Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University. The company has about 20 employees and the main owners are K-Svets Venture AB and New Energy Solutions II K/S. The plant has been partly financed by a conditional loan from the Swedish Energy Agency.