Cassandra attracts environmental investment fund

Reaktor ApS and Cassandra Oil AB have today agreed to amend the agreement previously published on the 17thof November 2017. 

Reaktor ApS has been offered an alternative funding solution, by an environmental investment fund, in the form of a loan which would be favourable in contrast to the equity injection into the Joint Venture company as previously agreed.

The new solution mentioned above allows Cassandra and Reaktor ApS to keep all equity in the JV.

“We prefer this option compared to the previous funding arrangement and have today decided to postpone the down payment, for the sale of 2 CASO plants to the JV, from Reaktor ApS for a few weeks in order to conclude the new and improved agreement.” 

For further information, please contact
Mr Anders Olsson, Managing Director Cassandra Oil AB
Phone: +46 76-16 32 100 or

Mr. Flemming B. Jørgensen, Reaktor ApS
Phone: +45 40501314 

Cassandra Oil is a Swedish company which, with the help of new technologies, recoveres oil from hydrocarbon-containing materials, such as used tires, plastic waste, oil sludge, waste oil and, eventually, oil sands, oil shale and electronic scrap. Cassandra Oil's share is listed on Nasdaq First North, Stockholm with the short name CASO with Remium Nordic Holding AB as Certified Adviser. The number of shareholders is about 8000. 


Om oss

Cassandra Oil är ett svenskt företag som med hjälp av ny teknik producerar olja ur kolvätehaltigt material, till exempel uttjänta bildäck, plastavfall, "oljesludge", spillolja och på sikt även oljesand, oljeskiffer och elektronikskrot. Cassandra Oils aktie är listad på Nasdaq OMX First North med kortnamn CASO. Remium Nordic AB är bolagets certified adviser. Antalet aktieägare uppgår till cirka 7 200.


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