Do fresh shoes make you play better golf?


A Swedish grassroots company stands behind an incredibly smart innovation that golf players have been waiting for. An easy-to-use, great looking and fun product that effectively absorbs moisture and de-odorizes your golf shoes between rounds ensuring you come out on top. Ok, they may not improve your swing but they can definitely handle the moisture and odor from your favorite shoes. 



Most golfers tend to leave their “just worn” golf shoes packed down in their bag until the next round. Leaving damp or sweaty shoes in a confined area like a bag or a locker encourages bacteria to grow and often results in an unpleasant and less-than-fresh odor.

Every package contains two stylish SmellWell pouches that look, feel and smell great. They are a cool accessory to your gear and the unique designs allow you to find your personal favourite. They are made from natural salts and absorbents that effectively neutralizes bad smell and moisture without harmful biocides. Simply put one pouch in each shoe after your round and let them go to work.

SmellWell – makes your stuff smell well!

SmellWell has helped hundreds of thousands of athletes, teenagers, construction workers and soccer moms worldwide to put an end to stinky shoes and sports gear. “These little miracles are all you really need for your sneakers, boxing gloves, ski boots, golf shoes or any other equipment for that matter. You will be amazed by their efficiency”, says Ammi Schaffler, CEO SmellWell.


Suggested retail price is 9,95 USD.
Lifetime 3 - 4 months.


Ammi Schaffler
+46 340 50 75 85

SmellWell is an effective solution for all types of shoes and sporting equipment. It was invented as a solution to a young girl’s smelly football shoes and comes as two small pouches that absorb moisture and bad odor. Since the launch on the Swedish market in June 2014, SmellWell is available in Europe, USA, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Korea.


About Us

SmellWell is a Swedish company providing inspiring and innovative solutions to people in motion. We offer market leading and playful solutions for moisture absorption and odor elimination in all types of shoes and athletic equipment. SmellWell's mission is to develop products that consumers love and that are gentle on the environment. SmellWell is available in Europe, the US, South Korea, UAE and in South Africa, with many more markets launching soon.




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