SmellWell - the Swedish cure for smelly shoes, protective gear and helmets

If you skate and ride hard, sometimes you stink.  Most action sport athletes have learned to live with it—but now there is a simple solution.  It is time to say NO to stinky equipment and make it smell well!

SmellWell was originally invented as a solution to stinky soccer cleats—and quickly found to eliminate odor from all kinds of gear, car trunks, gym bags—anywhere that smells!  SmellWell Pouches are filled with natural salts and non-toxic ingredients that effectively absorb bad smell and moisture without biocides.  ”The product is designed as two small pouches that look, feel and smell great. They make an essential accessory to your equipment and the colorful designs allow you to find your personal favorite. Put them into your gear overnight and the problem is gone”, says Ammi Schaffler - CEO of the company.

SmellWell was recently launched in the US where it is distributed by Triple Eight, the leading brand of action sport protective gear.  With a global team of top athletes including skateboarders Elliot Sloan, Mitchie Brusco, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Paul Luc Ronchetti, and Kisa Nakamura—Triple Eight is perfectly positioned to bring the benefits of SmellWell to the action sport world.   SmellWell is available at Zumiez stores and other top action sport retailers around the USA.

After putting SmellWell to the test in equipment that had been heavily used, they were convinced that the product worked. “It is time to protect our noses as well” says Justin Rimbert, Director of Strategic Partnerships and International Sales at Triple Eight. 


Suggested retail price is $9.95 USD

Available at Zumiez, and other great stores

Lifetime: 3-4 months


SmellWell is distributed by Triple Eight

For more information regarding sales and distribution, contact:

Telephone: 516 883-8889

Ammi Schaffler
+46 340 50 75 85


About Us

SmellWell is a Swedish company providing inspiring and innovative solutions to people in motion. We offer market leading and playful solutions for moisture absorption and odor elimination in all types of shoes and athletic equipment. SmellWell's mission is to develop products that consumers love and that are gentle on the environment. SmellWell is available in Europe, the US, South Korea, UAE and in South Africa, with many more markets launching soon.




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