SmellWell expecting US growth as being part of the 2017 edition of the UCLA Global Access Program

SmellWell, the developer of a product that eliminates bad odors from shoes and sporting equipment, is one of the thirteen Swedish participating companies in this year's 50 companies from different countries UCLA program. 


SmellWell is working in close cooperation with six MBA students to develop business models, offers and strategies to get a strong foundation for finding new growth opportunities in the particular US industry and business.

Since the launch on the Swedish Market in 2014, SmellWell has continued to grow and now exports the product to more than 15 countries worldwide. Sales in the US market just started in 2016, therefore Anton Haglund, co-founder of SmellWell, is excited to be part of GAP to get niche and take one segment at a time.

“There is a lot of happening in the sports industry in the US right now and e-commerce is gaining market share from the usual sports shops. This has been expected, but it seems that it goes faster than ever expected. Here, the students’ research will provide us a good insight into where the market is heading and how consumers' shopping behavior changes.”, says Anton Haglund.

The students attend their last year at their MBA (Master of Business Administration) at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) while working full time. “They all have a strong knowledge in various aspects due to their education and professional experience, which is of excellent value for SmellWell. One student is for example a military officer and another is working as marketing manager at Hulu. We believe in this dynamic team, that can see new opportunities for our product.”, says Anton Haglund.

SmellWell is going to Los Angeles during the summer to work together on the business environment. Later, the students will visit Sweden to get a full insight of the company. 

The results from the program will be presented as ideas and suggestions on how the company can drive their internationalization process forward in a successful way, including a plan for how expansion can be funded. The students all have a comprehensive understanding of the large, competitive US market and spend six months preparing for the final presentation in December. The program is in line with Almi’s (a Swedish governmental consultancy) increased focus on growth companies and the work is being run in cooperation with UCLA and Vinnova.

Anton Haglund
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About Us

SmellWell is a Swedish company providing inspiring and innovative solutions to people in motion. We offer market leading and playful solutions for moisture absorption and odor elimination in all types of shoes and athletic equipment. SmellWell's mission is to develop products that consumers love and that are gentle on the environment. SmellWell is available in Europe, the US, South Korea, UAE and in South Africa, with many more markets launching soon.




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