Cerebral Palsy Patient A Motivational Speaker and Doer

Jerry Traylor ran from San Francisco to New York City, participated in 35 marathons, and climbed mountains. While these feats would probably be amazing for anyone, Traylor has performed them despite his cerebral palsy and using crutches.

Cerebral palsy is a movement disorder caused by a birth injury to the motor areas of the brain. Movement and coordination for people with cerebral palsy is often difficult. Sometimes patients can’t walk or talk, or are wheelchair bound.

But defying the odds, Traylor became an accomplished athlete (now largely retired) and motivational speaker who works to improve lives. As this story in the Montana-based Great Falls Tribune reports, Traylor has never let his cerebral palsy stop him. “I never put a label on [my disability] as this is easy or this is hard,” said Traylor. “Thank God, my parents told me to do it — that there was no question.”

According to an article on Traylor’s own site, he wanted to establish himself “not just as a motivational speaker, but a motivational doer, too.” He also decided to develop himself athletically, and went about accomplishing increasingly difficult goals, such as running races while on his crutches.

He wanted to inspire others by doing the very things that seemed the most impossible for someone living with cerebral palsy. Traylor started running marathons in crutches, setting an unofficial record when he finished one in 5 hours, 9 minutes. This led to the most amazing challenge of all, a 3,500 mile run from San Francisco to New York City that took him seven months — a journey he called “The Trail of New Beginnings.”

“Life is hard,” he told the Great Falls Tribune. “But here’s the deal, if I go out and play golf with one arm, society is going to say I saw a guy with one arm play golf. They never say he hit the ball into the woods.” He also jokes, telling one audience: “I was going to become a standup comedian. Then someone stole my crutches.”

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