This is a unique solution and we strongly believe in the success of this cooperation
Konstantin Büttner, General Manager of HVB.
HVB is an innovative federation that early understood the potential of live streaming on all levels, from the senior to youth games.
Tobias Thalbäck, CEO of Solidsport
I love the idea of Solidsport and strongly believe in it’s potential in the German market
Henry Blunck, Country Manager on Solidsport
The increasing demand for sport streaming on all levels continues to grow rapidly. Solidport is ready to take advantage of that and looks forward to accelerating our growth both in Germany, Switzerland and Austria
Tobias Thalbäck, CEO of Solidsport.
Swedish handball has once again proven to be a pioneer of sport streaming on all levels and has taken another big step into the future
Tobias Thalbäck, CEO at Solidsport
It’s an amazing result and hard to understand, to be honest, considering how few games that have been played in the past year due to the ongoing pandemic
Roberg Wedberg, Secretary of General of the Swedish Handball Association.
“Our business model is proven and has already generated €4.3 million to thousands of clubs and teams around Scandinavia. Now we want to continue to develop our existing partnership in Sweden and Finland at the same time as we intend to take Solidsport further out in Europe''
Tobias Thalbäck, CEO Solidsport
We are happy to extend our basketball offer and look forward to distributing one of Europe's top basketball leagues
Tobias Thalbäck, CEO at Solidsport
Solidsport has proven to be a leading streaming option in Northern Europe and we now hope they can help us increase the interest of TBL among the Scandinavien basketball fans
Metin Dalman, Stream2Broadcast DOOEL
This cooperation will open the chance to gather all finnish gymnastics on one platform
Jaana Hyrkäs, Project Manager for Finnish Gymnastics Federation.
Our results in Finland have exceeded all expectations. Lately we have seen hundreds of new teams and clubs joining our platform every week along with increasing interest from different associations.
Tobias Thalbäck, CEO at Solidsport
This partnership gives us the opportunity to accelerate that even more and help the association to keep digitizing their activities and competitions
Sauli Silvonen, Country Manager at Solidsport.
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