Stena Line sails towards a leadership in sustainable shipping

AI assisted vessels to save fuel, Battery power propulsion, huge reduction of single use plastic on board, continued low level of crew and passenger accidents and an increased rate of female leaders. That are some of the highlights in leading ferry company Stena Lines sustainability review for 2018. Stena Line has now released its third sustainability review “A Sustainable Journey” describing initiatives, improvements and challenges in the operations from the sustainability perspective as well as results on their ambitious sustainability targets. The review also highlights the

Stena Europe Undergoes Refit Upgrades in Turkey

The Stena Europe, which operates on the Fishguard – Rosslare ferry service is currently undergoing a significant three-month refit visit to the Gemak Shipyard in Tuzla, Turkey. The vessel is scheduled to return late June 2019 and during the visit a number of upgrade projects will be completed.One of the most significant projects to be undertaken includes modifications to the deckhead levels on the main vehicle deck to allow for the carriage of full-height trailers across the whole of the main vehicle deck. Prior to arrival at the Turkish shipyard, Stena Europe was restricted to carrying

Stena Line’s second next generation ferry Stena Edda ‘floats out’ in China

Leading ferry company Stena Line has achieved another major milestone in its fleet investment program with the ‘float out’ ceremony of the second vessel in its new generation E-Flexer series. The second vessel will be named Stena Edda* and follows the Scandinavian heritage decided for the five new vessels that are being constructed at the Avic Weihai Shipyard in China. Stena Edda just before the water started to fill up the dry dock. Stena Edda is scheduled to enter service on the Belfast-Liverpool route in spring 2020. This is the second of three new E-Flexer vessels bound for

Stena Line installs Japanese sleeping pods

In line with the continuous efforts to develop attractive and ground-breaking products and services to customers, Stena Line has installed Japanese sleeping pods on its Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Skåne vessels, operating between Rostock in Germany and Trelleborg in Sweden. Stena Line is the first ferry company to offer its customers Japanese sleeping pods which will be a cost-efficient way to sleep and rest during the crossing. The pods are inspired by Japanese capsule hotels offer 2m2space for one person and can be booked from today and will be available for travellers from

First international winners of the Stena Line Propeller Prize

During Innovation Day March 7th in Karlskrona, Sweden this year’s winners of the Stena Line Propeller Prize 2019 were announced. The 100 000 SEK award was handed out in two categories, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Marine technology, where the first international company was awarded since the start 2015. Photo: Anna Borkowska, Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, Gdynia in Poland, Winner Searis technologies: Jakub Zdroik, Aleksandra Zgrundo and Konrad Klepacki, Monica Strandhag - Stena Line, AllBinary winner: Christian Malmström and Tomas Sareklint and

Stena Line increases focus on equality and inclusion

On International Women’s day March 8th Stena Line launches a new sustainability focus area – Equality and inclusion. This is part of the company’s increased commitment to creating a sustainable working environment and an important step on the journey towards becoming a leader in sustainable shipping. Stena Line is committed to maintaining and developing a sustainable working environment, free from harassment, where everyone is given equal opportunities regardless of age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability.  “At Stena Line we welcome

Stena Line launches smart chatbot

Stena Line is in the process of launching the smartest chatbot into the ferry market. Stina will help make the customer experience even better by providing assistance in booking a trip as well as answering questions 24/7. The chatbot is an important milestone for Stena Line in its quest to becoming the world’s first cognitive ferry company. Stina can give Stena Line’s customers updates regarding information on departure times, prices and can answer the most frequently asked questions 24/7. For example, if customers are allowed to bring pets on board, how to change a booking and

Stena Line’s first new generation ferry ‘floats’ in China

Stena Estrid enters next phase of construction Ferry Company Stena Line has achieved another important milestone in its major new fleet investment programme with the ‘launching’ ceremony of the first of its next generation of RoPax vessel taking place at the Avic Weihai Shipyard in China. The first new vessel will be named Stena Estrid* and she took to the water for the first time on Jan 16th and is on schedule to enter service on the Dublin to Holyhead route in early 2020, the first of three new E-Flexer vessels bound for the Irish Sea by 2021.   Stena Line CEO Niclas

Onshore power supply inaugurated in Oslo

Stena Line is the first ferry company to connect to the onshore power supply connection on the Vippetangen quay in the Port of Oslo. Stena Saga will now be connecting to the electricity grid during calls into port. This is an important step in Stena Line’s dedicated sustainability work, with one of the focus areas being to reduce emissions. Stena Line has been working with onshore power supply connections since 1989 and is a pioneer within this area. With Stena Saga, 14 of Stena Lines 38 vessels can now connect to green electricity when in port. “The completion of yet another

Stena Line welcome court ruling on State aid to Fehmarn Belt

The European General Court has today announced their ruling on the case of State aid for the construction of Fehmarn Belt fixed link.Stena Line filed a complaint to the European General Court because the State aid granted by the Kingdom of Denmark to Femern A/S for the construction of a fixed link between Denmark and Germany, did not comply with the State aid rules The court agreed with Stena Line and annulled the Commission’s approval granted by the Commission in respect of State aid to the Fixed Link. “As a private company we are used to and expect competition on fair and equal terms.

Stena Line and its customers “Round Up for Charity”

During the month-long, fleet-wide donation campaign, Round Up for Charity, Stena Line and its customers raised an impressive 200,000 SEK for the charity organisation Mercy Ships. The funds will enable Mercy Ship to help 133 people to get their sight back on board the hospital ship Africa Mercy. During the month of November, customers on all of Stena Line’s 38 vessels were encouraged to round up their onboard purchases and make a donation to Mercy Ships – a charity organisation sailing around the world bringing free, life-saving medical care to where it’s needed the most. There was

Stena Line’s three Irish Sea E-Flexer ships now in construction

Stena Line has reached an important milestone in its major new fleet investment programme with the steel cutting of a third E-Flexer RoPax ship to be deployed on its Irish Sea routes. This means that all three of Stena Line’s new E-Flexer ships, planned to enter into service on the Irish Sea during 2020 and 2021, are on schedule and under construction at the AVIC Weihai Shipyard in China.The first of the new vessels will commence operation on the Holyhead to Dublin route in early 2020, with the remaining two ships to be introduced on the Liverpool to Belfast route in 2020 and 2021. Stena

Stena Line customers are encouraged to “Round Up for Charity”

On Thursday 1st November Stena Line is launching another fleet-wide donation campaign to support Mercy Ships – a charity organisation sailing around the world bringing free, life-saving medical care to where it’s needed the most. During the month of November, customers on all of Stena Line’s 38 vessels will be encouraged to Round Up for Charity. During the campaign period, 1 November – 27 November, Stena Line’s customers will be given the opportunity to round up their onboard purchases and make a donation to Mercy Ships.  “We believe Round Up for Charity is a simple and

Smooth sailing for Stena Line's battery hybrid vessel

The Stena Jutlandica has now completed its first month of operation as a battery hybrid vessel. Experiences from these first weeks have exceeded expectations.“It's really exciting to be running with electrical power on the Stena Jutlandica. This project is an important part of our focused efforts to find ways of reducing our impact on the environment. As both the size and cost of batteries decrease, battery operation is becoming a very attractive alternative to traditional fuel for shipping since emissions should be possible to completely eliminate in the future,” says Erik Lewenhaupt, Head

Stena Nordica enters service on Karlskrona-Gdynia.

Stena Nordica entered service as the fourth ship between Karlskrona and Gdynia on Saturday.  This means a further increase in capacity on the route to meet the strong demand in growth for freight and passengers. Previously, the route was operated with three RoPax vessels and one cargo vessel. With Stena Nordica, the route is now operating with four RoPax vessels, which will provide freight and passengers with a choice of up to four departures a day from each port. The number of departures per week is now 46 which is a record on this route. ‘We have had strong growth in recent

Stena Line introduces first AI-assisted vessel

As a central part of Stena Line’s efforts to reduce fuel consumption and minimise environmental impact, the company is now running a pilot study where artificial intelligence technology is implemented on board vessels. Stena Line's Head of  AI Lars Carlsson and Senior Master Jan Sjöström discussing the new AI-model onboard Stena Scandinavica. In close collaboration with the technology company Hitachi, an AI-model is being developed that will help predict the most fuel-efficient way to operate a certain vessel on a specific route. The model will be a support for the captain and

Hammerodde gets Swedish flag and new name

Preparations for the change of the vessel on Gothenburg-Frederikshavn are in full motion on the Öresundsvarvet in Landskrona. Yesterday afternoon the flag and name was changed. The flag was changed from Danish to Swedish and the name from Hammerodde to Stena Vinga. In connection with the flag and name change Hammeroddes previous Master Jens Andersen hands over to Stena Vingas Senior Master Anders Broberg. (Photo: Lars Jansson) "It will be an exciting process to follow Stena Vinga’s transformation into a Stena Line vessel on the shipyard as extensive work is needed to be carried

Stena Line vessels recognised for safe operations

An unprecedented nine Stena Line ferries operating on the Irish Sea have received the prestigious Jones F. Devlin Award from the Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA), acknowledging the skills and dedication of the men and women responsible for safe vessel operations. Captain Steve Millar and crew members from the Stena Lagan celebrate receiving the prestigious Jones F. Devlin Award from the Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) for operating three consecutive years without a lost-time accident.  The  According to the CSA, the Jones F. Devlin Awards publicly recognise ‘

Stena signs order for two additional E-Flexer ships

Europe’s leading ferry company has an option on a further three vessels Stena has decided to exercise its option to build a seventh and eighth E-Flexer vessel. The two vessels will be deployed within Stena Line’s route network with a planned delivery in 2022. Additionally, Stena RoRo has taken an option on the construction of a further three E-Flexer vessels also to be built at Avic Weihai Shipyard, China. “We are very pleased to have ordered two additional E-Flexer vessels from Stena RoRo. We foresee increasing demand for freight capacity in Northern Europe and our new vessels

Stena Line proud partner to EuroPride 2018

As part of the company’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunities, Stena Line has become partner to EuroPride. Besides partaking in the parade in Gothenburg, Sweden where the company headquarters are located, Stena Line will fly the pride flag on-board some of their ships and terminals around Europe from 27th July to 19th August. Stena Line is committed to maintain and develop a sustainable working environment. The goal is a harassment-free company where everyone is given equal opportunities regardless of age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity

Stena Line’s first volunteer on-board Africa Mercy

After a year of preparation, Stena Line’s first volunteer is on-board Mercy Ships’ hospital ship Africa Mercy. In addition to fundraising and raising awareness for the humanitarian NGO, Stena Line aims to contribute with knowledge and the unique technical and naval competence held by its employees. During the year, a minimum of two employees will work for Mercy Ships. First volunteer out from Stena Line is Third Engineer Johnny Joensuu. He got on-board in Camerun and is currently aiding in sailing the ship to Las Palmas where it will be for maintenance before setting sails for

Stena Line re-deploys three ships to strengthen the route network

After summer, Stena Line will re-deploy three ships on three routes. The target is to further improve service and accessibility for customers and optimise operations in line with market developments. "We are now implementing a strategically important development to further strengthen three of our major transport corridors. Demand for capacity is increasing and we constantly evaluate our business as the market develops and our customers’ demands. Because we have built-in flexibility in our business, we can be agile and implement these types of changes in our network with short

Stena Line confirms plans for its 3 new Irish Sea ships

Stena Line has confirmed that the first of its new RoPax ferries currently under construction in China is planned to enter service on its Holyhead – Dublin route early 2020. The following two is assigned to Liverpool-Belfast. Last year Stena (Stena Line’s parent company) announced a new build contract for a new generation of RoPax ferry vessels, Stena E-Flexer, with planned deliveries during 2020 and 2021.  Stena has ordered the construction of six new vessels from the AVIC Shipyard in China and the plan is to locate three of these ships on Stena Line´s Irish Sea routes. The other

Stena Line continues to deliver on its sustainability strategy

Stena Line continues to deliver on its ambitious sustainability strategy.  15% lower sulphur emissions, reduced plastic onboard and a decreased number of accidents among the seagoing staff are just some of the results highlighted in its yearly overview; A Sustainable Journey. Stena Line is on an innovative journey to become a leader in sustainable shipping. Its yearly overview A Sustainable Journey analyses how Stena Line delivers on the ambitious sustainability targets it presented in 2016. A Sustainable Journey also highlights sustainability activities from across the Stena Line