We combine technical expertise with deep knowledge of a hospital’s complex business operations. Everything from reception rooms to pneumatic tubes are designed to put the patient first. With flexible facilities and good flows we create the best conditions for high quality care.
Åsa Bergman, President Sweco Sweden
The effective and clean combustion of waste serves an increasingly important function in Poland, both for the country’s electricity supply and in reducing the share of waste that goes to landfills. Sweco possesses extensive experience in combined heat and power production throughout Europe. In this project we help our customer to make use of a valuable local source of energy
Ina Brandes, President of Sweco Central Europe
This is an investment that will boost Paris’s public transport and connect the city’s surrounding areas to each other in an entirely new way. With Sweco’s long experience in managing and designing major infrastructure projects, we can meet our customer’s expectations for effective expansion that fulfils the objective of improving mobility between neighbouring areas
Erwin Malcorps, Managing Director Sweco Belgium
The development of the Bergen Light Rail means that Sweco is involved in creating innovative, globally top-class public transport. With a sharp focus on social as well as environmental effects, this is an excellent example of how well-planned transport solutions can have a positive impact on the entire townscape.
Tron Kjølhamar, CEO of Sweco Norway
Sweco is involved here in creating next generation bioproducts and bioenergy, with a clear focus on synergies and resource efficiency. The end result will be the most efficient and modern bioproduct mill in the world,” says Markku Varis, CEO of Sweco Finland.
Markku Varis, CEO, Sweco Finland
Operating profits for the fourth quarter and full-year 2014 are the highest in Sweco’s history. The quarter’s strong results are mainly due to the successful integration of Vectura, which added 1,200 new employees, and the positive trend for Sweco’s operations in Central Europe.
Tomas Carlsson, President and CEO
Within a short period of time, Sweco has been selected to design two key sections of what will be Sweden’s first high-speed railway. The new technology has truly arrived, and the result of this will be a future railway system that will shrink distances in Sweden while expanding our regional areas.
Jan Thulin, CEO of Sweco Rail
The underground metro initiative will result in an environmentally friendly and efficient mode of transportation that doesn't take up valuable urban space. Sweco plays a key role here in terms of managing the entire project in an effective way – from vision through completed transportation facility.
Maija Jokela, CEO of Sweco PM
Hydropower is one of Sweco’s strongest suits. We’ve been involved in developing Swedish hydropower for the past 100 years and, through our continuous international assignments, have gained unrivalled experience that is in demand in the global market
Kaj Möller, Head of Export at Sweco
This is Sweco Norway’s largest transportation assignment to date. The end result of our work will increase capacity and lower maintenance costs on a section of railway line that is becoming increasingly important with the growth of the Oslo region.
Tron Kjølhamar, CEO of Sweco Norway