The name “Everyone should see” (“Alla ska se”) speaks for itself: all children should have the same opportunities to play sports, be active and have fun, regardless of vision problems. However, children with vision problems often find themselves unnecessarily restricted in this regard. As part of a unique national initiative, activity eyeglasses are now being handed out free of charge to all children with vision problems between the ages of five and 12 with the aim of ensuring that all children have the same opportunities to be active, regardless of their vision.

The initiative is being carried out by Generation Pep, the optician chain Synsam, the lens supplier Essilor and Aller media.

Carolina Klüft, Head of Operations at Generation Pep:

“I remember myself how, as a child, I sometimes felt restricted by my vision problems when it came to playing sports. Either I didn’t want to wear my glasses or they would fall off because they weren’t designed for an active lifestyle. Having the opportunity to hand out activity eyeglasses that are both attractive and functional with high-quality lenses feels amazing! I’m incredibly proud that Generation Pep can be part of this extremely important initiative.”

All children should be given the help they need to see

When children develop vision problems, the problems are usually detected, the children are offered an eye examination and receive subsidised eyeglasses. Children are encouraged to look after the only pair of glasses they have, which are seldom optimal for sports and play. In this context, children can feel restricted and unable to perform on the same terms as other children. This is where the “Everyone should see!” initiative comes in, offering all children with vision problems between the ages of five and 12 a pair of activity eyeglasses adapted for movement, free of charge.

Håkan Lundstedt, President and CEO of Synsam Group:

“Activity eyeglasses and the ‘Everyone should see!’ initiative are a dream come true for me and for Synsam’s employees. It makes my heart swell to be able to contribute to children’s fitness and well-being. I’m very proud to be taking on such an enormous responsibility for children’s eye health together with our partners, so that all children can truly take part on equal terms.”

About the “Everyone should see!” initiative

- Children with vision problems between the ages of five and 12 have the opportunity to receive a pair of activity eyeglasses free of charge.
- The children’s parents book an appointment for a free eye examination at Synsam.se
- A pair of personalised activity eyeglasses are ordered after the examination.
- More details are available at Synsam.se

Thousands of pairs of activity eyeglasses

Generation Pep, Synsam, Essilor and Aller media have worked together to bring “Everyone should see!” to life. Synsam provides the eye examination and frames, specially designed by the company’s in-house designers to suit children’s faces and needs. Essilor provides the high-quality lenses for the eyeglasses, specially adapted with a focus on safety. Generation Pep and Aller media have the

important task of spreading information about the initiative so that all children with vision problems can order their free activity eyeglasses.

For more information, please contact:

Jenny Fridh, Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer, Synsam Group
jenny.fridh@synsam.com, +46 730 27 70 18

About Generation Pep

Generation Pep is a non-profit organisation that works to spread knowledge and engage people and organisations in issues relating to the health of children and young people. The aim is to bring people, organisations and companies together in a joint effort to make it easier for children and young people to live a healthy life. The organisation was initiated by the Swedish Crown Princess Couple and is supported by leading Swedish companies, foundations and non-profit organisations. Read more at www.generationpep.se

About Essilor

Essilor is a world leader in research and development of eyeglass lenses. Essilor offers lenses of the highest quality, tailor-made to suit people’s vision and visual behaviour.

About Aller media

Aller media is Sweden’s market-leading lifestyle media agency, home to some of Sweden’s best-known brands. Thanks to its passionate employees and continuous development, the company has brought entertainment, inspiration and knowledge to Swedish women since 1894, with the aim of enriching women’s lives.