Tobii Unveils Ultraportable Computer-Access Peripheral, Bringing Gaze Interaction to Standard Laptops and Computers

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN/ BOSTON, USA, Mar. 20, 2013 — Today Tobii announced the release of the next-generation Tobii PCEye eye trackers. The Tobii PCEye Go and PCEye Pro bring gaze interaction to standard laptops and computers, allowing individuals with communication and rehabilitative disabilities to control all the functions of their computer using only their eyes.

The Tobii PCEye Go and PCEye Pro are peripheral eye trackers that connect to standard laptops and desktop computers through a single USB connection, allowing users to navigate and control the computer with only the movement of their eyes.

The PCEye provides users who suffer from Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), stroke, MND, spinal cord injuries, Rett syndrome or cerebral palsy access to the full suite of computer applications. With the PCEye, users can surf the Web; play games; use environmental controls; connect with friends via email, Skype and social networks; and even work with spreadsheets and create documents.

“With the PCEye and Gaze Interaction, individuals with disabilities are no longer confined to a controlled computer environment; instead, they can enjoy the full freedom and access of a standard PC,” said Oscar Werner, executive vice president of assistive technology at Tobii. “We give individuals new ways to connect with others, make their voices heard, stay informed, and live more fulfilled, independent lives. We even give them the opportunity to continue employment.”

Extremely portable
The PCEye comes in two sizes. The smaller Tobii PCEye Go is primarily meant for laptop use and smaller desktop screens. The larger PCEye Pro is optimized for those working with bigger screens.

Both easily attach to and detach from the desktop or laptop using magnetic mounting plates and a USB connection. This makes it easy to take the PCEye along at all times: to school, to work and back home.

Relaxed and almost pixel-precise computer access
The PCEye comes with the Tobii Gaze Selection software, which makes it easy to control the computer and significantly reduces the risk of unwanted clicks, giving the user more relaxed, almost pixel-precise computer access. To write texts, messages or URLs, users can use the on-screen keyboard that is built into Gaze Selection or any of the keyboards that come with the optional Tobii Communicator.

“We’ve listened to our users saying they want more portability and the ability to access modern computer apps and programs with ease,” said Tara Rudnicki, president of Tobii ATI. “With the PCEye, our users are able to advance in the computing age with equal, or even superior, ability.”


The PCEye Go is currently available for purchase. The Tobii PCEye Pro will be available later in 2013.

Additional Resources
To learn more about Tobii PCEye Go and Pro, please visit, contact or call 1-800-793-9227. 

Click here to see Tobii assistive technology devices in action.