Record deal for Valutec – delivers all kilns to Russian mega sawmill

Russia's ULK Group is investing more than EUR 400 000 000 in one of the country's biggest sawmill investments in modern times. The ambition is to have one of the world’s largest and most modern sawmills, with an annual capacity of more than 1 000 000 cubic meters (425 000 MBF) sawn timber and 600 000 t pellets annually, when completed in 2023. To help achieve that, Valutec will deliver eight TC continuous kilns to ULK, making it the biggest deal in company history.

“That ULK chose Valutec for this state-of-the-art project proves that our solutions is a good match for sawmills all over the world,” says Robert Larsson, CEO of Valutec Group which consists of around 50 experts working solely with wood drying. “Our mission is to facilitate an increased use of wood products in every customer market. We are honored to help ULK optimize their drying process, which we know makes a big difference on every sawmill’s bottom line.”

Leading up to the decision, ULK carried out a comprehensive comparison of major kiln suppliers and visited many reference installations.

"Our ambition is to build the world's most modern sawmill, and to do so we must exclusively use suppliers who are technology leaders,” says Artem Samuhin, Deputy General Director for Development of ULK Group.

“Valutec was the kiln supplier offering the most modern, efficient solution. In the end the superior capacity and flexibility of the TC kilns, boosted by the Valmatics 4.0 control system made it an easy choice."

Valutec is the only company offering TC kilns, where individual drying zones makes it possible to combine high capacity and flexibility with optimum quality.

”Few companies get the chance to take part in the construction of a brand new sawmill, and we are honored that they chose to invest in Valutec kilns," says Timo Kanerva, Managing Director at Valutec LLC, a subsidiary headquartered in St Petersburg.

To improve logistics and safety, ULK will use a closed traverse system instead of fork lifts to move timber packages.

“In a big project like this we can’t afford to take chances on prototypes. Valutec’s traverse system solutions are proven and have been installed, with good result, in numerous projects all over the world,” says Artem Samuhin. 

The TC kilns are equipped with Valutec's control system Valmatics 4.0, which has an integrated simulator that enables simultaneous optimization of capacity, quality and energy consumption.

"Control is important for many reasons, not only in terms of quality, energy and capacity. User-friendliness is also equally important for the people who work with the system daily and we’re very comfortable with Valmatics 4.0," says Samuhin.

The ULK Group is one of Russia's biggest sawmill groups. The group owns four sawmills, and with the addition of a fifth the total annual capacity will exceed 2 350 000 cubic meters (999 000 MBF) sawn timber and 900 000 t/a pellets.  In addition to the TC continuous kilns, the sawmill is investing in several lumber sorters with X-ray scanners, last generation of sawing lines up to 200 m/min, same kind modern and efficient green sorters, as well as one of the most extensive pellet production nowdays. Power supply for the new sawmill is heating and power plant, which provides the enterprise with heat and electricity completely. 

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