Announcement of change in number of shares and votes in Victoria Park

In April 2019, the number of votes and the distribution between Class A ordinary shares and Class B ordinary shares in Victoria Park AB (publ) changed due to the conversion of Class A ordinary shares to Class B ordinary shares.

The total number of shares in Victoria Park is unchanged.

The number of Class A ordinary shares has decreased by 39,000. The number of Class B ordinary shares has increased by the same number. This means the number of votes has decreased by 35,100.

Following the change, the total number of shares amounts to 243,906,359 of which 76,742,815 Class A ordinary shares, 166,131,497 Class B ordinary shares and 1,032,047 preference shares, with a total number of votes amounting to 93,459,169.40

For further information, please contact
CEO Per Ekelund, Tel +46 (0)70 867 66 57, 
CFO Tommy Åstrand, +46 (0)70 545 59 97, 

The information in this press release is such that Victoria Park AB (publ) is legally obliged to publish according to the Swedish Financial Instruments Trading Act. This information was issued for publication on 30 April 2019 at 10.00 CET.

Victoria Park AB (publ) is a listed property company, which, through long-term management and social responsibility for more attractive living, creates value in an expanding property portfolio in growth cities in Sweden. 
On 31 March 2019, Victoria Park's property portfolio amounted to 1,128,000 square metres, comprising 14,300 flats, with a market value of SEK 18.8 Bn. The shares in Victoria Park are listed for trading on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap exchange. 

Victoria Park AB (publ) Box 2, SE-201 20 Malmö, Sweden, Tel +46 (0)40 16 74 40, Corporate Reg. No. 556695-0738, Head Office Malmö, 

About Us

Victoria Park AB is one of the largest and most prominent private housing companies in Sweden focused on developing attractive residential areas in the country’s growth cities. Through long-term management and social responsibility, we create value for our customers, employees, shareholders and society. We currently own and manage more than 16,000 flats in 13 cities – and we continue to grow. Visit our website to read more about how the way we work, which is based on sustainable relationships between companies, the individual and society, contributes to positive and sustainable societal development.


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