Hot Air Balloon Circus Soars Over Stockholm in Surprise Performance

With Stockholm Culture Festival Canceled, Organizers Collaborate with Cirkus Cirkör and Peak Experience to Produce Dazzling Show High in the Sky

Yesterday, people all over Stockholm, Sweden were seen staring at the sky. Fearless circus artists were performing breathtaking acrobatics at soaring heights from two hot air balloons hovering over the city. 

Photo credit: Karolina Henke

The performance called “Puff” (Pust) is a collaboration between Stockholm's Culture Festival, the contemporary circus company Cirkus Cirkör, and the hot air balloon company Peak Experience. When the Culture Festival’s organizers had to cancel this year’s events due to the pandemic, they started discussing how to reach a large audience while adhering to Covid regulations--the challenge being to create something large-scale and spectacular with high artistic value. That’s when they contacted Cirkus Cirkör and came up with the idea of a hot air balloon circus.

“The desire to make the impossible possible is in the DNA of the circus and Cirkus Cirkör. Completely dependent on forces of nature that are beyond our control, we’re creating a performance that will be both fleeting and lasting,” says Tilde Björfors, the Circus Director at Cirkus Cirkör.

"In recent years, the Culture Festival has offered magnificent and unexpected performances that have reached and touched many people regardless of age, background or previous experience with performing arts. I hope “Puff” reminds Stockholmers that the Culture Festival will return next year, while also offering a surprising, poetic and wonderful cultural experience,” says Philippa Staffas, Stockholm Culture Festival’s Artistic Director.

Weather permitting, the “Puff” performance will run every day through August 31.


City of Stockholm/Stockholm Cultural Festival:
Project management and idea: Philippa Staffas
Circus Cirkör
Director/ artistic project manager Camilla Hammarström
Artistic Director CC/ Artistic Development: Tilde Björfors
Project Manager, Cirkus Cirkör/ Groundfloor Production: Erik Gullberg
Produktionsledare, Groundfloor Production: Emily Thörling
Circus rig and construction: Fredrik Deijfen, Mattias Lindström, Joel Jedström, (Bruno Tardat)
Costume and scenography: Lehna Edwall
Music: Oskar Cresso
Director of Art & Production: Lena K Stockhaus
VD: Elin Norquist
& press: Nadya Gruner
Cirkus Cirkör is supported by the Culture Council, Region Stockholm, City of Stockholm, Botkyrka Municipality
Manufacturing Independent Studio
Peak Experience:
Peter Magnusson, Flight Manager and Pilot
Yashar Modiri, Pilot

Daniel Sjökvist, Pilot
Jack Gitagiah, Crew Chief
Magdalena Åberg, costume design Circus days and nights

Cirkus Cirkör is an independent contemporary circus company founded in Stockholm in 1995. 25 years later, Cirkus Cirkör still pushes boundaries in society and art and is a world-leading performing arts company that tours all over the world. Cirkus Cirkör also conducts educational activities all over the country, educates municipalities and companies in the disciplines of the circus, and runs a high school program in Cirkörhuset in Alby, Sweden, which is also a meeting place for the city's and the world's artists and creators in contemporary circus.

Press contact: Melinda Martino, Senior PR Manager, Visit Sweden, 917-340-9330