The last lone rays of dusk weave their way down through the branches of the dense, ancient woodland that has enthralled us Nordic people for centuries. In myths and fairy tales, the forest is often enchanted and provides a home for supernatural beings like trolls, elves, goblins and gnomes. Beings who are brought to life in the ancient woodland’s magical glow.

This same unearthly glow that can spark the mature imagination can now grace your home or workplace. Råwerk, the new design studio, has created a play of light and shadow normally found only in dense, ancient woodland or in spiritual visions.

This work of light is captured in a wall candle holder called Lightwerk #45, a numbered artwork in solid copper that is hand-patinated. To create that special glow the piece exudes, the metal has been pierced with 238 polished nails which also serve as anchor points for the candles. One or more candles can be easily clamped between the nails.

In the daylight the patina surface is a unique work of art in itself, and as dusk falls it takes on a meditative glow.

“I want everything I create to have a practical function yet be unique. That is the soul of Råwerk. I have great respect for the craftsmanship of the past, both in terms of the choice of materials and the functional approach. I get much of my inspiration from nature’s own way of creating unique patterns and the ancient mountaineers’ power to process raw nature into objects,” says founder and designer Carl-Johan Ekberg. Ekberg tells us that all his pieces are manufactured in the Bergslagen district and are inspired by its magnificent forests and history.

Råwerk also offers steel and brass versions of Lightwerk #45, a dining table in patinated copper, as well as selected images of nature that can only be described as enchanting. Each piece comes mounted and framed on black-patinated iron plates.

About Råwerk

Råwerk is a design and interiors firm with a passion for the skill and honesty of the smiths and artisans of times past, especially those in Bergslagen.

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