Mathias Dahlgren's pop-up in New York: A success story!

On May 31st “Try Swedish: Go Green in NYC” took place, where Visit Sweden brought one of the best and most hyped Swedish restaurants to New York – Mathias Dahlgren’s newly launched all-vegetarian restaurant Rutabaga.

It was a night filled with great discussions, fantastic atmosphere and most importantly, a spectacular culinary experience that everyone involved will remember for a long time ahead.  An inspiring evening where all guests had the chance to get fully immersed into the Swedish mantra: eat well and you live well!                                                                                                         

Using fresh seasonal produce and exciting techniques, conscious environmental choices are a part of Sweden’s gastronomic DNA. As one of the most innovative and sustainable countries in the world, Sweden has become a top destination for the modern traveler.

“Swedish cuisine is known within gastronomic world for its sustainable approach and its innovative and progressive way of thinking, from farm to fork. As food is becoming a more and more important reason when choosing where to travel, we are thrilled to see that Sweden has become a top class culinary destination. Speaking on behalf of Sweden, we are very excited to invite more people to join our gastronimic movement and Try Swedish”, says Jenny Kaiser, President Visit Sweden USA.


#Try Swedish, Go Green!

Try Swedish is an open invitation from the country of Sweden

to taste and explore the world of our food culture.

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Sponsors of the event: Electrolux Professional and Absolut Art 



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