Sweden on Airbnb Awarded Grand Prix in Eurobest

This spring Visit Sweden, Sweden’s official tourism board, partnered with Airbnb and turned the entire country into an Airbnb listing. The listing of an entire country was first of its kind. Now the creative initiative has been awarded Grand Prix in Eurobest. 

Visit Sweden and agency Forsman & Bodenfors has been awarded Grand Prix in Eurobest in Media for the creative initiative to list the entire country and its freedom to roam on Airbnb. Sweden on Airbnb was nominated for Excellence in Media execution and won the prestigious prize in fierce competition. 

Sweden on Airbnb listed one of Sweden’s most popular tourist attractions, the great outdoors as one big home. The freedom to roam, an 80-year- old Swedish right protected by the constitution allows anyone to roam freely in Sweden’s nature.  Therefore every lake and mountaintop can be enjoyed as if they are yours. The idea of free nature accessible to anyone is in the DNA of every Swede.

“The accessible Swedish nature gives us endless opportunities to  inspire foreign visitors to come here to explore it. We are honored that the jury of Eurobest awards us for communicating the freedom to roam in an creative and effective way.” Ewa Lagerqvist CEO of Visit Sweden states in a comments. 

By combining the power of the Airbnb platform with something which in its essence is a definition of Swedish society as a whole, the freedom to roam, the world started to talk about Swedish as a destination and Swedish nature in a new and inspiring way. So far close to 1700 articles has been written in 138 countries with a reach of 8,4 billion. 

Sweden on Airbnb has been awarded several international prizes for digital marketing and creative use of digital channels.

Sweden on Airbnb

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