We see great opportunities in the market and will continue our work of helping more customers build the fiber network of the future
Fredrik Lundberg, CEO of Waystream.
We simply got the best deal at the best price. The functionality of the switches also means that we can reduce our operating costs in the long run.
Patrik Karlfeldt, Head of Technology at Utsikt.
“It is generally recognised that fiber is the future and that only fiber can satisfy the ever-growing needs for bandwidth and speed. The pandemic has shown how mandatory internet access already is today and how fast the world is going digital.
Sebastian Landgraf, Manager of technology at RegioNet Schweinfurt GmbH
“We benefit greatly from Waystream's long experience in the FTTH market.
Wybren Lieuwes, System & Network Architect at Kabelnoord
Ultimately, it's about innovation at all levels. Both in terms of our equipment, the operator's network and the services provided over the network.
Johan Sandell, CTO Waystream AB
Kabelnoord is an experienced player in the market and it is gratifying that the benefits we offer, meet their needs.”
Susanne Torrbacka, acting CEO Waystream.
Waystream's long experience in the FTTH market was an important contributing factor for choosing Waystream.
Wybren Lieuwes, System & Network Architect at Kabelnoord
We see a growing and strong interest for our products. Especially the combination of functions, speed and high port density attracts the customers as well as the Telemetry function in all our switches
Susanne Torrbacka, acting CEO Waystream
Now we can offer our customers and the German market scalable, efficient and reliable solutions for end-to-end FTTx networks.
Bernd Berger, BMA Networks
With the help of ASR8000, another Swedish city network will now have a state-of-the-art broadband network with the latest technology that creates maximum societal benefit for the inhabitants
Fredrik Nyman, Waystream
Artificial intelligence and machine learning create new opportunities for analyzing large amounts of data to find deviations from what is normal.
Johan Sandell
It's a huge amount of data available for analysis. More than what a human alone can keep track of. At the same time, each parameter conveys important information. Therefore, machine learning, where the systems learn what is normal at any given time each day can be a powerful tool.
Johan Sandell
We see a great potential in this technology. We work daily with different types of problems that affect our services and the end-users' experience. Sometimes there are problems on the Internet that affect our users. Then it is useful for us to quickly determine that the root cause is outside our network so we do not spend unnecessary time on troubleshooting.
Daniel Henriksson