Advanced Ergonomic Technologies (AET) has developed a new Direct Expansion (DX) version of its market-leading Flexible Space System (FSS) which will bring greater application versatility and save space for consultants and contractors specifying underfloor air-conditioning.

In the Flexible Space System, the whole plenum under the building’s raised access floor becomes the “duct”, with each floor of the building divided into a number of zones depending on the building shape, cooling and heating load, potential use and occupancy density of the area. FSS CAM-C uses underfloor return air and the CAM-V uses high-level return air.

The CAM R410A and R407C DX coil options can be matched up to all the major manufacturers’ 2 and 3 pipe heat pump and heat recovery systems to supply each zone with chilled or warmed air. This supply air is then drawn up from the plenum and into the occupied space by discrete, energy efficient and locally controlled fantile units, which are recessed into the floor.

The new CAM-DX range can serve areas up to 300m² with variable supply air temperature and air volume. Demand driven by the fantile units within the zone, the CAM-DX unit will schedule the supply air temperature to meet the zone requirement. A minimum supply air temperature can be set to avoid the possibility of condensation occurring in the floor void. Each unit range is available with AC or EC Fan options.

“Recent project results have shown that with the addition of our new 10kW-50kW DX CAM units, high-efficiency ratings are easily achievable for Part L2A refurbished buildings. The units are proving extremely popular and have already been installed in a number of applications including Film House in Wardour St and Shorelines, Birkenhead railway building”,  says Glan Blake Thomas, Managing Director at AET. “In major refurbishments chilled water is normally run throughout a building but in smaller or single floor or single zone applications the DX version offers versatility if chilled water is not readily available.”

The FSS offers unrivalled flexibility when compared to other types of air-conditioning. Since the fantiles are not restricted by duct or pipe connections, they are easily interchangeable with floor panels in a matter of minutes. This allows for easy reconfiguration of the system to accommodate changes in office layout with minimum cost and disruption.

Based in East Grinstead, West Sussex, AET is the clear leader in underfloor air conditioning, boasting many successful installations of its Flexible Space System. The company has over 15 years’ experience in underfloor air conditioning technology, working closely with clients, consultants and contractors and has over 20 million sq ft of reference projects worldwide. For further information on the Flexible Space System contact AET direct by email on or visit the website at

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Editor’s notes:

AET is the world leader in underfloor air conditioning, having installed over 65 million sq ft of its Flexible Space System in projects across the world. The company has over 20 years experience in underfloor air conditioning and raised access flooring technology and works closely with clients, consultants and contractors during design, installation, and operation.

For more information on AET’s portfolio of international refurbishment and construction projects or details of its Flexible Space System or Camel Solar range, visit or contact Wildwood PR to arrange comment from managing director, Glan Blake Thomas.