As part of its ongoing commitment to raising standards for home network installation and integration across the region, CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) has introduced a new Networking Certification and supporting three-day Networking School.

By 2014, Cisco believes traffic from wireless devices will exceed that from wired devices. It is also predicted that Wi-Fi and mobile devices will account for 61% of IP traffic by 2016. The new Networking credential will identify those industry professionals who have proven they possess the knowledge needed to successfully implement a robust network in the home. It is based on the body of knowledge found in CEDIA's IP and Networking track of learning.

This Certification is ideally suited to those home technology professionals who install and configure residential systems; IT professionals who want to enhance their credibility within the consumer electronics industry; system designers who need to know they are specifying the right design and hardware and control system programmers who are now interacting with the network daily.

“Virtually all technologies in the home are becoming part of the home network,” says CEDIA’s Education Director, Matt Dodd. “To provide network systems that meet increasing speed and reliability requirements, the home technology professional of today and tomorrow must be able to design, install, configure, and maintain a high quality, complex network. CEDIA's Residential Networking Specialist Credential seeks to raise the standard for home networks across the industry. Own the network and the home by mastering your knowledge on wireless networks.”

The three-day Networking School comprises modules looking at IP Theory and Practice, Network Security, Segmentation and Remote Access, and a Wireless Networking Workshop. Also covered will be all the IP and Wireless Networking content necessary to attain the CEDIA EST2, EST3 and Designer Level One Certification Exams, and much of the groundwork for the Residential Networking Specialist Examination which can be taken separately.

By the end of the school, attendees should be able to implement TCP/IP connected hardware in 95% of the situations encountered in a residential environment.

Course dates and locations are as follows:

  • 25th June 2013, CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
  • 16th Jul 2013 at CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
  • 20th Aug 2013 at CEDIA HQ, St. Neots
  • 8th Oct 2013 at Birmingham City University, Birmingham

The CEDIA website has further details, including early bird discount deal, at www.cediaeducation.com/networking-school.


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