An anaerobic digestion unit has recently been constructed at Ebbsfleet Farm, in Ramsgate Kent. The renewable energy project has been built using 4000 square metres of Cemsix corrugated sheeting from Cembrit.

The new facility transforms farm and food waste into electricity by using crop residue, along with food and animal waste, which is ‘digested’ through a natural process to create energy. The waste is stored in sealed tanks inside the unit where naturally occurring organisms release a biogas which is used to generate electricity gas or heat. The storage buildings at the project required a strong and durable building skin. Cemsix was the ideal solution as it not affected by destructive fungi, vermin or insects so will not rot or decay during the lifetime of the building.  

Finished in natural grey, the Cemsix corrugated sheeting was installed by Robinson Structures Limited: “Cemsix was the ideal material for this project,” says Edward Gregory, Sales Director at Robinsons. “It is strong, requires no maintenance and is cost effective. It is also extremely easy to install so it allowed us to carry out the work in a quick and efficient manner.”   

Incorporating the latest technological advances, Cemsix allows designers to clad agricultural or industrial buildings in a Class 0 fire rated, rust and rot-proof material that will last for decades. Manufactured using Portland cement, together with a formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres and reinforced with strengthening strips and available with superior colouration systems, Cemsix is produced to the highest European standard.

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