Supporting its latest product launches in the EMEA region, Crestron (Hall 2, Stand C24) will be running a full programme of workshops and seminars at ISE 2013.

Crestron will examine the latest trends and technologies in building management from a solutions-based approach. The shorter, more intensive courses allow students to attend training and visit the tradeshow floor for hands-on product demonstrations.

Michael Backler, Corporate EMEA Training and CAIP Manager and Stijn Ooms, International Product Manager will lead the training during the show. The coursework will focus on integrated technologies for building-wide solutions and the benefits, which include achieving greater efficiencies and reduced carbon footprints in both commercial and residential settings.

 “With technology moving so fast, it is important for integrators to see how they can leverage our technology to make their commercial and residential clients’ lives more comfortable, convenient and energy efficient,” says Backler. “Crestron will introduce several new products at ISE 2013 that enable complete building management. Installers will have an opportunity to see the fully-functional Integrated by Design™ building and all the latest products and technologies that make it possible.”  

“With a new format for this year’s ISE training classes, we have been able to put together a comprehensive programme which we offer free of charge to our accredited integrators,” adds Ooms. “This approach will enable visitors to receive the same in-depth knowledge from Crestron, but over a wider selection of topics, without hindering their ability to cover the show, which is bigger than ever this year.”

For the full timetable and course descriptions for ISE 2013 please visit For more information about Crestron training at ISE or to register for classes, please contact Michael Backler - 0044 845 873 8787


Editor Notes:

Crestron Training Programme, ISE 2013:

Course Title 29/01/2013 30/01/2013 31/01/2013
G106 G107 G106 G107 G106 G107
Crestron Capture HD and DigitalMedia™ - Building Management in Full High Definition 10:00 16:00 12:00 14:00
Crestron Complete Building Management on the Existing Network 12:00 14:00 16:00 10:00
Crestron Core 3™, the Groundbreaking OS and GUI Design Platform to Manage the Building 14:00 10:00 16:00 10:00
Crestron Introduces the Next Generation of Building Management Products and Solutions 16:00 10:00 14:00 12:00
Complete Home Management on The Existing Network 12:00 16:00 14:00
Crestron Energy Management Enables Control of All Environmental Systems in the Home 14:00 12:00 10:00 12:00

Crestron Capture HD™ and DigitalMedia™ - Building Management in Full High Definition

Crestron Capture HD™ and DigitalMedia™ are the first steps toward a complete Building Management System. Capture HD is the only networked HD capture solution that is easy to use right out of the box at the lowest cost of ownership on the market. Crestron DigitalMedia is a fully integrated network system on a single IP address that flawlessly delivers uncompressed, protected HD content throughout the enterprise. Learn the 10 essential considerations when designing digital AV systems. Discover why HDCP compliance does not guarantee protected content display, why built in audio DSP is necessary, and why providing HDCP compliant copper and fiber infrastructure on the same platform is a critical component of your system requirements.

Crestron Complete Building Management on the Existing Network

Commercial clients want to integrate environmental, AV and IT systems together on the same platform. AV professionals are uniquely positioned to deliver this enterprise solution and add significant value for the customer. Crestron will show you how to connect AV, lighting, shades and HVAC with IT on one managed network and partner with Building Management System companies to reduce operational costs, increase efficiencies and maximize ROI for the organization.

Crestron Core 3™, the Groundbreaking OS and GUI Design Platform to Manage the Building

Today’s commercial buildings comprise of more technology than ever before, and all these systems need to be managed and controlled on the network. Our 3-series™ control systemsare network-grade appliances capable of integrating all infrastructures, environmental systems, BMS, IT and AV on a single platform to deliver a true enterprise management solution. 3-Series control systems uniquely provide faster processing speed with more memory, IP communication and control, and a unique modular programming architecture. Learn how Core 3UI gives programmers the ability to design dynamic, graphical rich and intuitive touch screen interfaces to control every connected device in the network in half the time. We'll also show you the power of Core 3 UI™ supporting multiple Adobe® Air®, HTML5, H.264 streaming video and Web browsing all at the same time for the most dynamic and interactive user experience.

Crestron Introduces the Next Generation of Building Management Products and Solutions

Learn about the latest Crestron solutions that make true building management a reality by integrating all systems on a single network platform. These include the new 7-inch infinity glass touch screen, DM transmitters and receivers, DIN-DALI LED lighting control and power monitoring. At the core of the Crestron solution are our latest 3-Series control systems and Fusion™ Global Enterprise Management software. The Fusion central server provides the foundation to run different software applications, such as Fusion RV™ (RoomView) and Fusion EM™ (Energy Management), based on business needs. We will showcase the Crestron energy management solution, which enables you to control all environmental systems and manage sustainable and renewable energy sources to reduce utility costs.

Complete Home Management on the Existing Network

Gain an even greater competitive advantage while growing your bottom line in today’s fast-changing market. Crestron delivers the only fully integrated solutions that manage the whole home on a single platform.

Learn how Crestron 3-Series™ control systems and Crestron Studio - Home Designer software simplify the design and programming of a Crestron home system. Plus, be among the first to find out how to add integrated shading solutions to your offerings with Crestron Shades. Whether you’re a beginner programmer or a power user, it’s now easier than ever to design and commission a whole home system using Crestron hardware and software.

Crestron Energy Management Enables Control of All Environmental Systems in the Home

Energy management is a key component in any Crestron home solution. We’ve expanded our lighting and climate controls by introducing a new line of integrated shading solutions. Crestron shades are integrated by Design to work seamlessly with Crestron lighting control, thermostats, entertainment and security systems to deliver a complete energy management solution.

Make intelligent and informed energy saving decisions. Measure, monitor, manage and control energy consumption in every room to reduce utility costs without compromising comfort or convenience. Implement a fully-integrated energy management solution in any home using Crestron hardware and Fusion EM software.

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