Helvar has announced the release of its 905 Single DALI Subnet Router. The 905 is an ideal solution for areas that require stand-alone control or where an additional subnet needs adding to an existing Helvar DALI system. Combined with Helvar’s Designer™ software the 905 allows for advanced control and functional programming. The 905 is perfect for a variety of applications including, hotel rooms, hospitals, meeting rooms and boardrooms, classrooms and lecture theatres, as well as residential applications.

The new router provides energy saving features when used with Helvar’s extensive range of sensors with options for both absence/presence detection and constant light functionality. More advanced controls can also be programmed to achieve scheduled automated responses and includes a built-in real-time clock. The 905 is also able to communicate with other building control systems via OPC or HelvarNET I/O functions and can integrate with wider building management systems. Each 905 router supports up to 64 DALI devices and up to 100 routers can be networked together to form large scalable systems.

“Although we expect to see a natural fit for the 905 with hotels, the flexibility of the unit makes it suitable for a wide range of applications,” says Peter Rowledge, UK Sales Manager at Helvar. “Up to 100 routers can be connected to form an extremely sophisticated network for advanced control, equally, the same level of control can also be applied across a single 905 for isolated rooms in a commercial building or for a single residential projects.”

Programmers can connect to the system via a PC to program and perform diagnostics and logging functions. However, all data is stored within the system itself so there is no need for PC control for day-to-day operation. The elimination of a central controller ensures no single point of failure can cause a total system shutdown for added reliability.


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Helvar is Europe’s leading provider of energy saving lighting systems.  Its extensive range of products, including LED drivers, ballasts and intelligent lighting control solutions, can be used as single components or combined into lighting systems to achieve excellent solutions for residential, commercial and architectural environments. 

Working in harmony with leading luminaire manufacturers and electrical contractors, Helvar provides the both the highest quality product and a customer care service that is second to none. Helvar exports to over 50 countries worldwide and has a significant design and development facility in the UK. 

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