Thanks to German Floor Care Specialist, Dr. Schutz, slipping and sliding is left firmly on the slopes at the Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, as its PU Anti-Slip finish has ensured optimum customer safety.  

Famous for holding top position as the largest indoor ski slope in the UK, the Snow Centre offers beginners, seasoned skiers and snowboarders’ a true to life fun on the snow. Away from the slope, the centre also includes other facilities such as a changing area, restaurants and bars. With visitors regularly walking through these areas, making the floor damp from the snow, slips and trips are a possibility.   For the Snow Centre, this is a hazard expertly avoided following a total flooring renovation project, led by Revival Corporate Cleaning.

A safe and swift refurbishment of the flooring did not come without its challenges. The busy ski centre is open to customers all-year round, so minimum disruption was imperative. Additionally, the budget for a floor replacement had been utilised prior to this project and therefore a cost-effective refurbishment solution was required. This meant a total replacement of the floor was not an option.

Being an Elite Dr. Schutz Partner, Revival Corporate Cleaning recognised that its PU products would be best suited for this project. Within just one day, the floor was treated with a deep clean, neutralised, and returned it to its closest original aesthetic appearance as possible. A layer of PU Anti-Slip was then applied by rolling the solution over the newly-stripped floor, adding a coating of outstanding durability (around 40 microns of thickness). Dr. Schutz PU Anti-Slip solution changes the properties of the hard surface from the regular R9 to the safer R10 classification. This prevents the slippery friction between footwear and surface, even when wet.

For aesthetic purposes, a satin finish was achieved, improving the appearance of the floor surface.

Ross Cumplen, Operations Director of Revival Corporate Cleaning said: “We have used Dr. Schutz products before and knew that it would be ideal for this project at Hemel Hempstead. Rather than replacing older flooring for a large financial outlay, a renovation procedure adds many benefits, not least the extended life span of the original flooring itself. The time it takes to clean this renovated flooring is dramatically reduced, ensuring the product is easy to live and work with.”

For more info on Dr. Schutz Anti-Slip or Satin Finish products, please contact Dr. Schutz on 01296 437827 or visit www.dr-schutz.com. For more information on Revival Corporate Cleaning please visit www.revivalcorporatecleaning.com or call 01494 857 640.

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Editors notes:

Established in 1955, the Dr Schutz organisation is based in Bonn, Germany and has a wealth of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of high quality, innovative care systems for all types of floor coverings.  Represented in over 30 countries, Dr Schutz has been the market leader inGermanyfor many years and has enjoyed considerable international expansion over the last 10 years.  At the same time, Dr Schutz has developed a comprehensive training programme, where delegates can attend courses designed for retailers, contractors and end-users, and which run at the company’s head office in Bonn and at their headquarters in Aylesbury.