Oblong Industries delivers Infopresence to the Future of Work at InfoComm 2016

Oblong Industries will be demonstrating its ground-breaking immersive visual collaboration solution, Mezzanine™, featuring a dynamic and interactive experience across multiple devices, display surfaces, and locations.  

Los Angeles, CA (3 May, 2016) – For those leading innovation and performance in their organisations who need to transform workflows to adapt to change and accelerate business growth, a visit to Booth N2337 at InfoComm 2016 is a must.  There, Oblong Industries will unveil the latest capabilities of Mezzanine, the immersive visual collaboration solution for globally connected enterprises that is changing the way teams work at companies including IBM, Accenture, Fujitsu and Dentsu Aegis Network.

The newest enhancement to Mezzanine is dubbed Mezz In, which enables rich collaboration for remote participants by integrating video conferencing into the Mezzanine web client. External meeting collaborators have full visibility to the Mezzanine workspace, and the ability to upload content and control presentations, with easy screen-sharing capabilities via Chrome. Mezz In will premiere at InfoComm 2016 in June and will be released to customers later this summer.

As Mike Brown Oblong’s global vice president of sales adds, “Mezz In is an important next step in the development of the Mezzanine platform as it provides superior access to the shared workspace for remote participants operating in the confines of a single device.  It is the perfect complement to Infopresence – the experience of being immersed as a group in your vital content and data – when you can’t be in the room.  When collaborators have easy access to highly visual real time information in a shared digital environment, it brings powerful benefits to the organization by accelerating communication, discovery and decision-making.”

The nature of work is evolving; the workforce is ever more mobile, specialised and geographically dispersed, and the business challenges are increasingly complex and data-centric. The future of work requires sophisticated collaboration solutions that add greater engagement, efficiency and productivity to the workplace.

Mezzanine is characterized by its fluid user interface that spans multiple screen surfaces to enable work groups to connect, contribute and control content and data from almost any computing device – laptop, tablet, smart phone – from any location.  With information present across displays surrounding a room – an incomparable Infopresence experience is achieved.  By connecting workspaces between rooms, with remote participants accessing the shared workspace via browser, Mezzanine provides the most valuable collaboration experience for teams tasked with solving the most pressing business issues.

John Underkoffler, Oblong CEO, comments: “We believe the era of one human, one mouse, one screen, one machine is giving way to what’s next: a fully shared and unified experience among multiple users, devices, screens, and locations, via a groundbreaking spatial interface. This is what Oblong builds.  Our Mezzanine solution for the enterprise is the greatest expression of this idea for collaboration at scale and across distance.”

Flexibility, elasticity and choice are core to Mezzanine.  There are a near endless number of screen configurations that are possible with the system, to activate the wall spaces of almost any room design. Large display screens from a number of manufacturers are qualified to operate with Mezzanine.  Likewise, videoconferencing codecs from several suppliers may be used to deliver high fidelity choice and video in parallel to the connected Mezzanine Infopresence session.

To experience Infopresence and Mezzanine for yourself visit Oblong at InfoComm Booth N2337. You can also connect via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to see the latest updates.

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About Oblong Industries

Oblong Industries’ innovative technologies change the way people work, create, and communicate. With roots in more than two decades of research at the MIT Media Lab, Oblong’s flagship product, Mezzanine™, is an immersive visual collaboration solution that defines the next era of computing: multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, multi-location. Mezzanine’s groundbreaking Infopresence™ capabilities multiply the effectiveness of distributed organizations and catalyze new, more effective, more collaborative workflows. Oblong is headquartered in Los Angeles and supplies Mezzanine systems to Fortune 500 enterprise customers and reseller partners.

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