Earlier this year Ringway was announced as the preferred service provider for operating term maintenance services to Shropshire, Cheshire West and Chester (CWaC) councils. The contracts were tendered together with the aim of collectively achieving greater value for money and efficiencies.

One such benefit already coming to fruition, within the first few weeks of the start of the contract, is the company embarking on some much needed resurfacing work on day three of the contract.

A £4.5million investment has been allocated across both contracts to repair significant surface damage caused by extreme weather conditions.  This refurbishment programme is long overdue and since being awarded the two contracts, Ringway has been keen to expedite the surfacing work without delay. The early start on this work is the result of long pre-contract consultations and having strong communication models in place before the mobilisation date.

 “As we prepared to mobilise on this contract, we knew that a key factor in our success would be the use of effective communications between the councils’ and our own systems,” says Steve Pryce, Performance Manager at Ringway. “With this in mind, before we mobilised we had our system, eServe, in place along with a tested interface that would communicate with the council’s own job reporting software, Confirm.”

The initial phase of resurfacing work has now been completed in Davenham between Shurlach Lane and Shurlach Road with teams from Ringway’s specialist surfacing company, Eurovia Surfacing, carrying out the work which was raised through the Confirm system as issued via eServe.

We place a lot of importance on the efficiency of raising a complete order as it is only with all relevant information ahead of time that we can properly carry out an effective and lasting repair,” continues Pryce. “We worked closely, together with Cheshire West and Chester, to ensure this would happen and I think the success of this approach can be demonstrated by us hitting the ground running and getting planned work started straight from mobilisation.”

The council, in turn, benefits from these communications as when the job is reported as complete, the information returned to the council arrives promptly with improved detailing for the final sign off. In addition to these two-way communications, the nature of these two side-by-side contracts also presents many internal benefits and efficiencies for Ringway.

The two contracts, although tendered together, for Shropshire and CWaC operate separately.  Shropshire   mobilised ahead of the recent activity in CWaC. Due to the geographical proximity of the two regions, Ringway has enjoyed greater efficiencies whilst mobilising which had been taken into  account  during the tender process, allowing them to offer a more competitive quote at the time of bidding.

With a mobilisation team having recently completed its task in Shropshire, it was then able to effectively make the transition across to the task in hand for CWaC’s mobilisation. Subsequently, this same team was able to perform consolidation reviews for the Shropshire contract while working toward getting the CWaC contract up-and-running.

The geographical proximity of the two contracts will allow for further economical benefits such as  better management of  the commercial fleet

The contracts for the two authorities include all aspects of highways term service maintenance and improvement as well as street lighting, fleet management and maintenance, street cleansing and grounds maintenance.


For further information, please visit www.ringway.co.uk or contact Joanne Barnett, Group Communications Officer, on 01403 215866 or email: joanne.barnett@ringway.co.uk or Wildwood PR on 01293 851115 or email: Ash@wildwoodpr.com

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About Ringway:

Part of one of the leading European providers of transport and infrastructure services, and part of the VINCI Group, Eurovia UK incorporates Eurovia specialist businesses and Ringway, a leader in County Council highways contracts. This includes the provision of a comprehensive range of integrated services from surfacing and construction, manufacturing and installation of signs, production and the laying of road marking materials and specialised surfacing.