Zmarta launches a new service for mortgages

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Zmarta broadens its offering and launches a new service for mortgages. With the new service, consumers quickly get an overview of both their housing economics and the mortgage market, as well as an opportunity to challenge their current mortgage terms based on their preferences and needs. The launch is the next step in Zmarta's development of a unique mortgage service that will increase transparency in the mortgage market and put the consumers’ needs in the first place. 

Zmarta already offers a number of digital comparison services within personal finance. Two days ago, a new mortgage service was launched where consumers, through collaborations with a number of banks, can apply for a new mortgage or change their mortgage based on an overview of both their housing economy and the mortgage market.

"Considering that more interest rate hikes are on the way and the amortization requirements are high, many want to improve their mortgage terms but feel that it is difficult to get an overall picture of their housing economy, that it is difficult to negotiate with the banks and administratively demanding to change bank. With our service, we want to provide an easy-to-use tool for consumers to improve their housing economy and find the best deals", says Gustav Berghog, CEO of Zmarta Group.

The new mortgage service creates incentives for consumers to challenge the current mortgage terms based on their preferences and needs. With the service, consumers can follow their housing economy and how it develops over time, their mortgage application step by step, and receive updates when better offers show up, so that they are constantly updated on how their current terms stand up to the market.

"Despite the fact that the mortgage is a central part of households' personal finances this area has been slow over the years. We are proud to have developed a service that create the right incentives for the consumers to challenge their mortgage terms which will contribute to increased transparency in a slow mortgage market", says Gustav Berghog.

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