Alpine spring water debuts in a Bordeaux wine bottle

New premium water for the on-trade, packaged in bottles by O-I

In a departure from the mineral water packaging typically found in Germany and Austria, Austrian manufacturer Urleiten GmbH has decided to package its Alpine spring water in a flint glass wine bottle to emphasize its premium quality. The new bottles are produced by O-I, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass packaging. The design of the 750ml- and 250ml-containers, made in extra-flint glass, is reminiscent of a classic Bordeaux bottle. The long-necked bottle - an adapted version of one of O-I’s standard packages, with the original conical neck “straightened” – differentiates the brand among the competition since this shape is rarely used for mineral water in the German-speaking areas of Europe. The bottle features a stylish label displaying a coloured circle to highlight the “Urleiten” brand name, and has a screw cap closure, preserving the effervescence of the sparkling water inside. “This Bordeaux bottle, with its elegant, distinguished design, conveys an image of exclusivity to our water, and promises enjoyment,” says André Rainer, Managing Director of Urleiten GmbH, a newly-formed company located in Hopfgarten (Eastern Tyrol). Like Bordeaux wines, Urleiten water’s heritage is a large part of its premium appeal. By using a Bordeaux-style bottle, the package design - created by renowned advertising agency Kastner&Partner – brings the premium appeal associated with Bordeaux wines to the spring water. Filtered through the veins of the Alps Urleiten spring water has its source in a natural Alpine spring in the midst of a nature reserve in the Deferegger Alps. On its long journey to the spring, the water passes through capillary veins in the rocks – known as “Urleiten” in Austria. These veins filter the spring water to a high level of purity before it is forced to the surface by natural pressure. Through this process, the water gets its special characteristics: low and well-balanced mineralisation and a fresh, light, and silk-smooth flavour. Glass supports gourmet taste and natural brand image “These characteristics predestine the water for a special target group,” says André Rainer. “It appeals to gourmets, who have a discerning palette and are looking for a pure water that complements fine food.” Urleiten is therefore destined for the premium on-trade market. According to the company’s Managing Director, the inert quality of glass supports this positioning: “Glass protects our water from any negative influence and perfectly preserves its purity and flavour.” The glass bottle also reflects the natural image of the spring water: made from natural raw materials itself, glass can be endlessly recycled without any loss of quality, saving resources and energy. O-I supports start-up business Urleiten GmbH chose O-I to produce the new bottles because of the company’s flexibility and ability to deliver small orders as well as large. Being a start-up business this was an important criterion for Urleiten. “Working in close collaboration with Urleiten, we found a cost-effective yet exclusive packaging solution for a niche market with limited production volumes,” says Lars Moche of O-I’s German sales team. “This project demonstrates our versatility and skill in small series production.” After a successful market test of 3,000 bottles in 2009, Urleiten GmbH has now begun its commercial launch. “Feinkost Käfer, a premium caterer in Germany, already offers our water,” says André Rainer. “We expect other renowned customers to follow.” In 2011, Urleiten GmbH will start offering its product in still and sparkling variants in beverage and wine outlets in Austria (particularly Eastern Tyrol), as well as Southern Germany and Northern Italy. For more information please visit