O-I completes The Lean+Green™ range

Lightweight packaging with a distinctive design packs a punch on European wine market

O-I’s Lean+Green™ range of lightweight bottles is now complete, with the launch of a new collection of four models specifically aimed at the different segments of the wine sector. Meeting consumers’ highest expectations in terms of bottle design – with an elegant, accentuated neck, and innovative label recess – the packages are significantly lighter than conventional models, offering savings in terms of energy and CO2 emissions. “With this new line, O-I is giving its customers a lot of added value: despite its low weight, the shape has a distinctive, elegant neck, which helps to reinforce the brand to consumers according to research*. The bottle also features a label recess that extends over the length of the bottle,” says Benoît Villaret, marketing officer of the Europe wine segment at O-I. The slight decrease in the glass’s thickness where the label is placed makes it possible to prevent label deterioration during handling. “Thanks to this improvement, customers can avoid the primary cause of dissatisfaction among distributors, and the most common complaint from consumers,” he explains. The Lean+Green™ range embodies the concept of “right-weighting” – the optimum balance between achieving a light weight and ensuring a high quality, high performance package. At 15% to 30% lighter than conventional bottles, Lean+Green™ packages provide the same uncompromising level of quality and an enhanced design. In addition, O-I’s Lean+Green™ range enables brands to achieve a strong presence in the supermarket and consistency of image, whatever the origin of the wine. It corresponds with the established segmentation of the European wine market: the “Good”, the “Better” and the “Best”. The Lean+Green™ 300g Optima bottle is geared to “Good”, the 345g Eco bottle to “Better” and the 410g Caractère bottle to “Best”. The 460g Référence is aimed at the most exclusive end of the premium market. By offering this wide range, O-I meets the needs of distributors wanting to present a coherent range to the European market, without geographical constraints. “With its product ranges all over Europe and its global organization, O-I is a local supplier wherever the wine-grower who supplies the wine is situated,” adds Benoît Villaret. Global industry recognition The Lean+Green™ range is proving a huge success all over the world, with particular demand in the United States and Asia-Pacific. Sales of the packages amounted to 36 million bottles in 2009, with a sales forecast of over $350 million in 2011. With eight production units manufacturing the line in Europe, and 24 sets of casts, Lean+Green™ looks set to continue its runaway success. Through collaborations with customers all over the world, O-I’s Lean+Green™ range has already received some high profile recognition. In Australia, Lean+Green™ packages have won two prizes at the Packaging Evolution Awards in Sydney, one at the Australian Packaging Awards in Melbourne, top prize from the Packaging Council of Australia (PCA), and the Carter Holt Harvey Sustainability gold Award for its Cadbury jar. * Source: Ipsos 2010 consumer study for O-I “Wine bottle codes”