Boo Edgar appointed Managing Director of A+ Science Invest AB (publ.)

+ BOO EDGAR APPOINTED MANAGING DIRECTOR OF A SCIENCE INVEST AB (PUBL.) On September 1, Boo Edgar (52) will assume the position of managing + director of A Science Invest AB. Boo Edgar holds a doctorate in clinical pharmacology from Göteborg University, and brings more than 25 years´ experience from the + pharmaceutical industry to A . At AstraZeneca he was responsible to the head of research for the integration of the R&D functions in Zeneca and Astra, the development of a long term AstraZeneca R&D strategy, as well as for establishing a life cycle strategy for AstraZeneca products, including the development and handling of patents. + "I look forward to working as managing director of A ," says Boo Edgar, "moving from a large scale to a small scale perspective is, of course, a challenge, but the real challenge will be to develop the great potential + value of A ´s project portfolio. Through its contacts and collaboration with clinicians, scientists at universities, colleges and other academic + institutions, A is a natural link to the commercialisation of medical and biotechnical research results. A marked focus on these projects is of great importance." Expansion and Stock Market Listing The Chairman of the Board, Per Carendi, stresses that Boo's long experience from the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research, and + project management will be of great value to A . "The appointment of Boo Edgar is perfectly in line with the current expansive bid initiated by the + owners of A who are aiming for a stock market listing in a few years." + When A issued new stock earlier this year, new owners, such as Investor Growth Capital, BioFund and Optiomi OY, invested more than 70 million Swedish kronor. The Company's project organisation has been strengthened by the appointment of Mats Bjersing on August 1. Additional project managers will be appointed. Further information is provided by our current managing director, Staffan Sjödin (phone: +46 708-67 91 09), or the Chairman of the Board, Per Carendi (phone: +46 36-100 700, or +46 708-112 111). + A Science Invest AB (publ.) (, est. in 1997, acquires, develops and commercialises patentable inventions originating from universities and other research centres. The project portfolio comprises some forty projects in medicine and biotechnology. Several patents and inventions are related to the treatment of disorders which affect large groups of the population such as allergy, diabetes, and + intestinal diseases. A is owned by the National Pension Insurance Fund, Sixth Fund Board, The Holding Company at Göteborg University, Investor Growth Capital, Biofund, Optiomi, researchers and employees. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: