Bravissimo, A.G. Ferrari Foods!

Three Distinguished Service Awards Go to Local Italian Retailer

San Leandro, CA – Doing things the old-fashioned way has been a good thing for A.G. Ferrari Foods. The company is honored to have recently received three noteworthy awards in its continuing service to the community. In November, it received the coveted Stopwaste Partnership Business Efficiency Award. In October, it was The Sons of Italy’s Business Award. In June, it was the Italian Trade Commission’s Distinguished Service Award. The Bay Area-based company was founded in 1919 with the intent of sharing a passion for Italian food and culture with local neighborhoods. In recent years, the company has tackled the challenge of environmental sustainability.

As a recipient of the 2010 StopWaste Business Efficiency Award, A.G. Ferrari has been recognized for its efforts at becoming a more efficient and environmentally responsible company. A number of green initiatives have been implemented at A.G. Ferrari since the beginning of 2010. All of these efforts have slashed the company’s garbage bill by a 77%, including the following:

  • Using compostable deli packaging
  • Partnering with a local pig farmer to manage food scraps
  • Discontinuing the use of air conditioners
  • Consolidating trucking routes
  • Using reusable brown crates to transport food from San Leandro to area stores
  • Replacing plastic foam with environmentally preferable packaging
  • Reducing cardboard use (and waste) with reusables totes
  • Cleaning up wastewater by decreasing chemical usage
  • Using biodegradable soaps and cleaners

In looking toward sustainability issues, A.G. Ferrari is pleased to announce a partnership with County Line Harvest, a Marin-based organic produce grower. A.G. Ferrari is working with County Line to provide neighbors and customers with fresh, locally grown, organic produce. Subscribers can pick up pre-ordered County Line produce boxes, called “Rogue Boxes,” from any of A.G. Ferrari’s 13 store locations every Wednesdays. Read more about County Line at   

Paul Ferrari was awarded the Sons of Italy’s Business Award at a gala reception in San Francisco last month. Earlier in the year, Ferrari received the Italian Trade Commission’s Distinguished Service Award at an event in New York. The award is given to those who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the appreciation of Italian foods in the United States.


About A.G. Ferrari Foods
Annibale Giovanni Ferrari came to America with the hopes of sharing his love and appreciation for the Italian way of life.  In 1919 he opened the doors of a little Italian foods storefront in the San Francisco Bay Area with the motto, “La Qualità Non Ha Tempo or Quality Is Timeless.” The store, which later became A.G. Ferrari Foods, offered authentic, high quality Italian foods. Today, following in the spirit of his grandfather’s conviction, Paul Ferrari devotes much of his time to forming close relationships with small artisanal producers in Italy who have been committed for generations to making the best, most authentic products possible, using traditional production techniques.  Paul is constantly on the lookout for the highest caliber products to offer A.G. Ferrari Foods customers.  He is a strong believer that great Italian meals need not be expensive, but simply made with the best ingredients that one can afford and shared with family and friends.

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