ABN AMRO launches Open End certificates in Sweden

Stockholm, 2 November 2006 – ABN AMRO has launched a new product range of international structured products in Sweden – Open End certificates, which are traded daily on the stock exchange.

“Our strategy is to bring in the full spectra of ABN AMRO products to the Swedish market, and we are starting with sophisticated theme certificates to retail investors and institutions. Our unique combination of global knowledge and local intimacy enables us to present Swedish clients with innovative investment opportunities from across the globe”, said Joacim Nässén, Country Executive in Sweden.

The three launching certificates are focused on the themes of water, which is the first water certificate being launched in Sweden, clean renewable energy and biofuel. All three certificates follow dedicated indices developed by ABN AMRO, giving exposure to companies active within the water and clean renewable energy sectors, as well as to commodities used for producing biofuels.

“These products enable you to invest in three very current topics which are of immediate interest to many people. Will we have enough clean drinking water in the future? Or will we be using more biofuel and clean renewable energy? By investing in the certificates the investor gains exposure to companies and commodities expected to benefit from a positive development of these resources, said Niklas Åkerfelt, Head of Nordic Distribution, responsible for the structured products range.

Retail investors can buy ABN AMRO certificates via their current depo accounts. As they are ‘open ended’ they have no fixed maturity. Investors can therefore go in and out of a certificate several times a day, as well as invest over a long period of time. ABN AMRO is the market maker for the certificates, guaranteeing continuous liquidity. More information can be found on www.abnamromarkets.se.

The ABN AMRO structured products business targeting private investors and institutions has been launched successfully over several markets in Europe. This product group is currently offering over 22,000 products referencing multiple asset classes across 25 countries. The product group is ranked as Number One provider in The Netherlands and Number Three in Germany and has over EUR26 billion assets under management. So far in 2006 it has received 12 awards for offering the best structured products across a range of categories, as well as for the best web site and best distributor.

Media enquiries: Katja Margell – ABN AMRO - +46 (0) 8 5723 5130

Notes to editors
Netherlands-based ABN AMRO is a leading international bank with total assets of EUR 986 bln (as at 30 June 2006). It has more than 4,500 branches in 53 countries, and has a staff of more than 110,000 full-time equivalents worldwide. ABN AMRO is listed on Euronext and the New York Stock Exchange.


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