Changes in AcadeMedia’s Group Management

Martin Sandgren, Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer of AcadeMedia, will leave AcadeMedia at the end of June this year.

“I have had a fantastic journey during almost ten years with AcadeMedia. We have been constantly challenged and at the same time AcadeMedia has developed as an organization. Now I feel the time is right for others to take over and for me to do other things”, he says.

Martin Sandgren will leave the Group Management Committee in January. During the spring he will work as an advisor to the CEO and Group Management. Martin Sandgren will remain as chairman of Schoolido, a company partly owned by AcadeMedia, also after his employment has ended, and will thus retain contact with the AcadeMedia.

“Martin has played an important role in bulding AcadeMedia into northern Europe's largest and most important educational company. He has an extensive knowledge of the sector and has been vital for our growth as well as for the development of AcadeMedia’s quality management model. During Martin's time at AcadeMedia we have launched nearly 90 new pre-schools and schools and strengthened our position as a quality player. An enormous task”, says AcadeMedia's CEO Marcus Strömberg.

“Naturally, it’s with mixed feelings I leave AcadeMedia after so many years in the education industry. However, I now want to spend more time with my family and after the summer it will be time for new challenges”, says Martin Sandgren.

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AcadeMedia is the leading and single largest independent education provider in northern Europe. In 2015/16, approximately 63 000 children and students attended AcadeMedia’s preschools, compulsory schools and upper secondary schools. An additional 80 000 individuals participated in AcadeMedia’s adult education courses. In 2015/16, AcadeMedia had approximately 425 preschools, compulsory schools and upper secondary schools in Sweden and Norway and approximately 150 adult education units in Sweden. Since February 2016 AcadeMedia also operates seven preschools in the Munich region of Germany. AcadeMedia has operations throughout the education chain, from preschool, compulsory school and upper secondary school to adult education. More information about AcadeMedia is available on


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AcadeMedia creates opportunities for people to develop. The 15,000 employees at our 600 preschools, compulsory schools, upper secondary schools and adult education centres share a common focus on quality and development. Our 160,000 children and students are provided with a high quality education, giving them the best conditions to attain both learning objectives and their full potential as individuals.AcadeMedia is Northern Europe´s largest education company, with locations/facilities/presence in Sweden, Norway and Germany. Our size gives us the capacity to be a robust, long term partner to the communities we serve. More information about AcadeMedia is available on


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