Acando becomes implementation partner of IDM365

Acando and ITMC SOFT has joined a partnership with the purpose of selling and implementing the Identity & Access Management solution IDM365 provided by ITMC SOFT. The IDM365 solution fits perfectly into Acando’s strategy of guiding customers throughout the entire lifecycle of Identity & Access Management.

ITMC SOFT sees a tremendous potential in delivering additional value to Acando’s customer base and to further growth in the Compliance, Risk and Governance market with IDM365. The ITMC SOFT expertise, combined with Acando’s local presence, experience and insight, provides a fantastic opportunity to develop a truly market leading experience for the customers.

ITMC SOFT is a Danish company specializing in Identity and Access Management, with more than a decade of experience. IDM365 is developed for businesses in all sizes and shapes, that struggles to manage users and access permissions, or who wants to get in control of the full user lifecycle – often dictated by Compliance Frameworks and Personal Data Protection Regulations.
IDM365 is based on a complex rule- and workflow engine, all managed via a user-centric user interface that even allows for User Self-service. And this is achieved without compromising the need for control and overview from IT and Management.
ITMC SOFT has furthermore developed tools around IDM365 that allow to speed up the implementation process, ensuring minimum costs, while maintaining maximum accuracy and control.

Further information is available from:
Johan Berg, Regional Manager Acando, +46 21 814 801,

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