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Most shoppers expect retailers to offer them a multichannel shopping experience, and Christmas is no exception. Activate Media's free resource helps marketers to deliver better experiences through consistent branding.

It should come as no surprise to retail marketers that most shoppers expect to be able to buy goods whenever they want, however they want. According to a study by Retail Week 70-75% percent of shoppers expect a multichannel experience in 2013, compared to 57% in 2012, and just 29% in 2011.

With shopper's expectations significantly higher than it was just a few years ago, how can retailers ensure they meet these expectations in time for Christmas? Activate Media believes that one way to to improve customer experience is to first look at available data.

We know that people are indifferent about the platforms they use to browse and shop. It is up to brands to analyse their customer's behaviour with their available intelligence (whether it be web analytics, CRM, shopper questionnaires etc), to map out their user story, to create a personalised experience that the customer is more likely to engage with. For example, the idea for David Clulow's mobile website came from examining their website analytics

Adrian Austin, UX Designer at Activate Media

Below are the main elements to consider to create a smooth and consistent multichannel experience for this Christmas and beyond:

  • Analysing your brand presence
  • Modern brand guidelines
  • Technical considerations
  • Social media branding
  • Designing for the device

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Activate Media is a digital agency in London, dedicated to strategy, design and development for web, mobile and social media.



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43% of UK consumers do not care about source when shopping globally (compared to 41% globally)
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21% of UK consumers want to receive personalised offers and discounts to their mobiles
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90% of UK consumers rate service as very or fairly important when shopping (88% globally
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76% of UK consumers cite price as the top shopping priority
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