Hard Landscaping Solutions Help Brits Extend their Living Space

With time poor homeowners looking for low maintenance gardens, recent gardening trends indicate that people are not as concerned about having a perfect green lawn as they once were.  Many are opting for alternative landscaping surfaces which may include artificial grass, decking, paving stones or gravel.

The wide variety of hard landscaping solutions available on the market today is giving rise to homeowners' desire for creating more contemporary outdoor spaces. 

Whether it’s a unique and eye-catching design on a driveway, a wow factor patio, an inviting terrace, or purposeful paved pathway, hard landscaping in the garden is achieving a number of objectives for today’s homeowners with convenience being high on the priority list.

Paved areas now offer a low maintenance solution and an opportunity to extend living space for dining, relaxing and for some, even a more formal outdoor cooking space.

When it comes to garden maintenance, weeds between block paving, large rectangular flagstones, cobbles, and the popular square British slab are no longer the interminable headache they once were.  Products like Dansand® No Weed™ are proving to be incredibly effective in nullifying the paving weed threat ensuring paved, patio and pathway areas remain low maintenance and weed free.

We are continuing to see a strong uptake in products like Dansand® No Weed™ says Ted McLoughlin, Sales Director at Active Products, who are the exclusive distributors for the Dansand® range here in the UK.  “It seems labour-intensive gardens are on the wane and busy homeowners, particularly urban dwellers are opting for a wide range of paved areas as part of their garden space. No Weed is a very popular solution because of its eco-friendly credentials and ability to prevent weeds between joints, creating a long-lasting and beautiful finish for any paved outdoor space.”

Dansand® NO WEEDproducts (of which there is three types, for outdoor use only) are:

  • Highly weed-retardant
  • Environmentally-friendly, natural and durable
  • The most flexible (and effective) paving fix on the market
  • Easy to apply
  • Joint strengthening
  • Water permeable


  • Offer a long service life, even in the face of constant rain

All this makes kiln-dried Dansand® NO WEEDproducts ideal for narrow joints in drives, patios and pathways. And the most suitable product available for weed busting and abatement in pathways old and new.

When Paving is the Preferred Option…

Dansand® No Weed™ is the first choice for landscapers and busy homeowners to win the war on weeds and maintain a beautiful weed free professional finish that genuinely lasts.

Whether you require Dansand® NO WEED block paving sand, Dansand® NO WEED stone dust for paving, or Dansand® NO WEED block paving fix, all three products consist of a mixture of naturally high alkaline oven-dried nutrient-poor minerals, and are available to buy in small quantities or in bulk from Active Products UK.

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