MagnaClean tackles energy price rises

With British Gas set to hit ten million customers with another price rise this winter, ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is warning householders to prepare themselves by taking advantage of cost-effective energy efficient solutions.

Latest figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change revealed that the number of UK households facing fuel poverty fell in 2010 but due to expected price rises and a reduction in funding for energy efficiency measures, figures are expected to rise again in 2012.

To combat fuel poverty and escalating energy costs, manufacturer ADEY Professional is encouraging householders to act now by fitting a cost-effective magnetic filter to their central heating systems. ADEY’s MagnaClean filter is already installed in more than one million homes, saving them up to 6% each on their heating bills year on year – currently the equivalent of around £52* a year.

ADEY’s Managing Director, Kelvin Stevens, explains: “Having a MagnaClean filter professionally fitted to your heating system costs from around £120, which is a relatively small cost in comparison to other energy efficiency measures being proposed by the Government under the Green Deal.

“Effective magnetic filtration removes virtually all of the damaging black iron oxide sludge that collects in central heating systems, ultimately causing the breakdown of the boiler. Not only can it reduce heating bills and help to avoid fuel poverty, it also makes homes warmer and protects and extends the life of the boiler, one of the most expensive appliances in the household.”

By installing a MagnaClean filter, UK households could achieve the following: savings

-       Save up to 6% year on year on central heating bills**

-       Reduce boiler maintenance call outs

-       Save carbon emissions by 250kg a year**

-       Extend the operational life of your boiler beyond expected 12-15 years

-       Enjoy warmer radiators by up to 36%


*Based on high national average usage figures from the leading UK energy companies

**For a typical three-bedroom dwelling based on independent industry research


Further information: Rachel Meagher and Hannah Dudek at Target Public Relations, Tel: 01242 633100


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ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is a market leading UK manufacturer of innovative products designed to serve the central heating sector. The company’s success is built on product innovation and quality along with a genuine understanding of the practical and daily working needs of the professional installer. This understanding stems from the company’s founder and inventor of the award winning MagnaClean technology, Chris Adey. Chris started his career serving an apprenticeship with British Gas prior to working at various engineering and technical levels within the central heating industry. Having worked for himself for a number of years, he drew on his experience and technical expertise and discovered a strong entrepreneurial spirit that led to the formation of the present company in 2003. Under Chris’s direction, the company has gone from strength to strength and established a reputation as the pioneering force behind magnetic filtration within the industry. Along with a commitment to working closely with installers to develop new ideas, the company has invested heavily in R&D and an impressive range of products has evolved in recent years. All of them have one thing in common. They respond to the needs of the modern central heating professional and the sector in general. As Chris Adey puts it, the process is a simple one: "British installers are the best in the world at what they do. They generally have great insight into what will work. All we do is listen to the needs of the market and the ideas follow..."