NiQuitin Minis Mint lozenges are a new therapeutic nicotine product to tempt the most loyal smokers to face up to their quitting fears and help them to quit one cigarette at a time. Of the 10 million smokers in the UK, approximately 70% say they would like to quit one day, however studies have shown that only a third of smokers attempt to stop each year. Although it is clear that stopping cigarettes straightaway is best for a person’s health NiQuitin understands that some people haven’t faced up to quitting for good in this way. Therefore, new NiQuitin Minis mint-flavoured nicotine lozenges have been launched for those who want to focus on giving up one cigarette at a time. Whatever a person’s needs and motivations for quitting, NiQuitin offers a range of products and support services to help at each stage of their quit journey. With NiQuitin Minis people can concentrate on skipping one cigarette at a time, which should help build their confidence in their ability to live life free of cigarettes. Using NiQuitin Minis helps put the smoker in control of their cravings rather than being a slave to them, helping them to tackle their quit attempt, one cigarette at a time. Gay Sutherland, Research Psychologist at the National Addiction Centre, Kings College Hospital comments, “Many smokers say they want to quit but procrastinate about setting a date, telling themselves they’ll just finish the packet or say they’ll stop after a big milestone in life. Smokers often fear failure more than quitting itself but they can learn that every cigarette they don’t smoke is another step on the journey to quitting success.” As the name suggests, NiQuitin Minis are small mint-flavoured nicotine lozenges designed to get to work fast and tackle cigarette cravings head-on. In fact they release their full dose of therapeutic nicotine three times faster than gum.* In a handy yet discreet container, NiQuitin Minis are perfect for keeping in handbags, pockets, at work or the car meaning they are there for you whenever and wherever a craving strikes. NiQuitin Minis mint-flavoured nicotine lozenges come in two strengths 1.5mg and 4mg and two pack sizes 20s (£4.99) & 60s (£13.99). They are available in most pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide. *Speed of release in the mouth does not imply speed of craving relief. Further information on NiQuitin Minis Lozenges will be available from -ends- Notes to Editors: If you smoke, receptors in your brain can become dependent on nicotine, and it is these ‘nicotine-hungry’ receptors that can cause you to crave cigarettes when you try to quit. NiQuitin replaces the nicotine from cigarettes with therapeutic nicotine to help you deal with the cravings. NiQuitin Minis Mint Lozenges are a stop-smoking aid containing nicotine. Requires willpower. Always read the label. For more information about NiQuitin, please visit



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