Number of employees at an all-time high

Advania Iceland has seen a rapid growth in the number of employees

Advania Iceland has seen a rapid growth in the number of employees following increased operational activity and success. 49 new employees started working for the company last year, bringing the total to 625. A great number of people showed interest in working for the company, and the amount of job applications was equivalent to approximately 1% of the total workforce in Iceland. 


The people at Advania have different backgrounds and possess a diverse set of skills and qualifications. The company employs software engineers, consultants, system administrators, project managers and various other specialists. Employee satisfaction has increased steadily for the past few years, as demonstrated by the results of the international Q12 workplace survey, which is conducted by Gallup biannually.  


The positive progress made by the company last year is not least due to excellent teamwork and good morale. Within Advania, a great emphasis is placed on creating a work environment where employees have equal opportunities for growth and personal development. Last year, Advania Iceland also met the gold standard for PWC’s equal pay survey which measures any existing gendered pay gap within the company. To achieve the PWC gold standard, a company must have no more than a 3.5% difference in gendered pay gap, and in the case of Advania, the difference was well within those limits.


“It is my sincere belief that companies achieve more progress when people with diverse skills and opinions work together. Advania is a big and diverse workplace and the progress we’ve made shows that we make a great team. It is a true pleasure to see that my colleagues are increasingly happier in the workplace each year and there is no doubt in my mind that this in turn translates into better services rendered for our clients. However, there is certainly room for improvement. We are for example greatly aware of the fact that women are marginalized within the IT and tech sector and we have actively been taking measures to do our part in improving this matter,” says Ægir Már Þórisson, CEO of Advania Iceland. 

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Welcome to IT - Advania is serving thousands of corporate clients in the Nordic region. We provide a wide range of IT services, platforms, cloud solutions and support to private and public companies. Our mission is to help our clients to simplify IT infrastructure, enhance functionality and reduce costs. Advania is quick on its feet and has retained its flexibility despite considerable growth in recent years. Our corporate culture is to empower front line employees to take decisions that benefit the client. Advania’s vision is to enable customers to improve their performances with IT. 


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Advania is a Nordic IT corporation, operating in 22 locations in Sweden, Iceland, Norway, and Denmark. The company focuses on helping customers to improve their performance with innovative use of best available IT platforms and services. Advania serves thousands of corporate customers, multinational enterprises, governments and public institutions, big, small and medium-sized companies in all aspects of society. Advania traces its roots to 1939 when an Icelandic entrepreneur founded an office equipment repair workshop in Reykjavik. In the following decades, three separate branches of IT-companies evolved in three Nordic countries, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway. In 2012 they were braided into one and Advania was formed. For further information, please visit




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