NEXIONA and Advantech collaboration set to hugely accelerate the use of Internet of Things technology in Industry

September 25th 2017, Munich, GermanyAdvantech and NEXIONA announce the availability of the ARK-1123, a fanless & extended-temp IoT Gateway, in combination with MIIMETIQ®’. This powerful offering addresses both the need for a cost effective stand-alone solution, for building a full IoT Proof of Concept and a highly intelligent and flexible IoT Edge appliance, to control the costs associated with delivering data to the cloud aimed at empowering industrial IoT. The combination can be used as an Edge Intelligence Server and is ideal for smart city street lighting, smart metering, smart parking, smart agriculture, HVAC, healthcare, industrial automation and more.

Proving business value quickly. A major driver in encouraging businesses to adopt IoT is to make it easy for them to test the technical aspects and the business value of the proposed solution. MIIMETIQ® software on the  ARK-1123 Gateway, has everything needed to capture and visualize data from any type of device, set up alarms and create reports; in fact, everything needed, in one box, without the need to commit to cloud hosting.

Growing need for Intelligence at the Edge. Edge devices with increasingly sophisticated on-board intelligence are required to cope with the explosion in IoT data. ARK-1123 IoT Gateways, equipped with MIIMETIQ®’s on-board Edge Analytics easily fit this need, ensuring that only meaningful data is sent to the cloud, saving data transfer and hosting costs and keeping local control and response close to the devices.

ADVANTECH has recently worked with NEXIONA to validate NEXIONA’s MIIMETIQ® software on Advantech Industrial ARK-1123 series IoT Gateways. This robust, highly flexible and cost-effective combination will allow Industrial customers and System Integrators to quickly prove business value and build highly scalable and capable IoT solutions. 

“We are delighted to work with NEXIONA, their software takes full advantage of the powerful processing and connectivity capabilities of Advantech’s Industrial IoT Gateways and opens up exciting new possibilities for Industrial customers wishing to quickly to run a Proof of Concept and build IoT systems which use Cloud resources efficiently through the use of powerful edge analytics” Jeroen Baerents, Business Development Manager at Advantech.

“By combining Advantech’s Industrial strength hardware with Nexiona’s software tools for capture, analysis and delivery of IoT data, we’re very happy to offer a solution, with Advantech, which truly helps both Industrial customers and System Integrators bridge the gap between the IT and OT worlds” Jeff Stewart, Director Product Management, NEXIONA.


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As a leader in the embedded market, Advantech Embedded-IoT Group not only delivers a wide range of embedded design-in services, but also develops a series of integrated IoT solutions and services to assist customers approaching the IoT market wanting minimal uncertainty and risk. Advantech Integrated IoT solutions include sensor nodes, gateways, and WISE-PaaS IoT software platforms. 

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NEXIONA is a software manufacturer based in Barcelona (Spain) with offices in the UK and Germany. NEXIONA creates software tools for system integrators to connect, compose, control and integrate any type of hardware and software to build private IoT platforms (deployed on cloud or on premise).

NEXIONA’s MIIMETIQ has everything necessary for an IoT Proof of Concept or small IoT project, extracting data from any device, displaying in dashboards and, critically for Edge devices, the ability to apply a level of analysis to apply local Rules & Actions and filter data before it flows into the cloud platform for further treatment.

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