Affärsstrategerna bids for im Innovationsmäklarna

AFFÄRSSTRATEGERNA BIDS FOR IM INNOVATIONSMÄKLARNA · Affärsstrategerna hereby makes a bid for IM InnovationsMäklarna. · A merger would make it possible to create a highly competitive and financially strong investment company that would have a better growth potential than each company would have on its own, thanks to a consolidation of operations. · Affärsstrategerna is offering one newly issued Class B share for every seven shares in IM InnovationsMäklarna, which corresponds to the relative assessed value of the assets of the two companies. · Holders of outstanding subscription options for IM InnovationsMäklarna are offered cash payment of: - SEK 0.50 for subscription options at a redemption price of SEK 3.37 and subscription by 1 December, 2003; - SEK 0.50 for subscription options at a redemption price of SEK 3.37 and subscription by 31 May, 2004. · Shareholders representing 43.2 per cent of capital and 65.5 per cent of votes in IM InnovationsMäklarna have, with certain provisos, agreed to accept this offer. For further information, please contact: Claes-Göran Fridh, MD, Affärsstrategerna, +46 8 545 831 95, mob. +46 708 66 24 03 Lars Prins, head of information, Affärsstrategerna, +46 8 545 831 97, mob. +46 733 14 49 37 Affärsstrategerna is a leading seed investment venture capital company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange O-list. Affärsstrategerna invests value-added capital in innovative start-ups, operating in IT/Internet, Wireless and Life Science/Medical Technology, and has the potential to become market leader in its niche. Some of the companies in the portfolio are A Brand New World, Alpha Helix, Arcticon BioPharm Production, Artema, A3TL, Chemel, European Institute of Science, Fingerprint Cards, FreeHand Communication, InfiniCom, Mainbox, Mocat, Musicbrigade, Naty, Netbaby World, Picron Microarrays, RaySearch Laboratories, RSC Technology, Samba Sensors, SWATS, Webupdate Scandinavia, Widermind, Wireless Assets, Inc. and Yesitworks Sweden. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: