Affecto spins off Weave, a new agile brand created by developers

Affecto, a leading Northern European information management company, is expanding into a unique and exciting new territory. Today, it’s officially launching Weave, an independent and agile business unit focused on service design and modern software development. Weave is already working on some of Finland’s most prominent and challenging digital services, such as Yle Areena. 

“The idea for Weave first came up in a developers’ meeting. We contacted Affecto’s management and they immediately gave us their full support. Spinning off Weave resonated with the company culture, which is all about working across borders in different ways and in small, diverse groups,” says Marko Loukkola, Business Leader at Weave.

Standing on big shoulders

Weave’s service design and software development projects fulfil end users’ specific requirements throughout the entire project lifecycle. The fully Affecto-owned business unit merges the best of two worlds. It’s a fresh, flexible and agile player with a start-up mindset, yet it’s powered by the strength and capabilities of an established international enterprise.

“To us, it’s not about specific coding languages, solutions or tools we want to use, it’s about what our customers need,” Loukkola continues. “With our own talents and skills backed by Affecto’s global reach and experience, no project is too ambitious for us: we really have what it takes to manage everything from planning to maintenance. Though we’re starting out in Finland, we’re already making plans for international expansion.”

Fast forward into a growing market

Iikka Lindroos, the deputy CEO for Affecto, recognises the huge market potential for Weave, which he believes will genuinely create added value to its customers.

“We’ve seen unprecedented growth for services and applications developed directly to match customer needs,” he says. “Weave is something truly unique in a market still dominated by either small start-ups or old world corporations. It has been a joy to give people free reign to realise their visions of how they want to work, even more so when the results are this promising.”

Weave, based in Helsinki, Finland, is launched on October 10th, 2016.

For more information:

Marko Loukkola, Business Leader
Tel. +358 44 552 5952, email: 

Born out of Affecto, Weave has the best of the best working on the most demanding web services in the Nordics. We’re a team of globally renowned award-winners who overcome our customers’ digital challenges in beautifully pragmatic ways. This is what drives us – not licenses, not technologies, not products – but turning ingenious ideas into wonders that work.



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