Communiqué from the annual general meeting of the shareholders’ (“AGM”) in Ainax AB (publ), on March, 6, 2006

The AGM in Ainax (publ) decided upon a resolution of the immediate voluntary liquidation of Ainax AB (publ).

Mr. Stefan Lindskog, Attorney at Law, who has declared his willingness to accept this assignment, was proposed as liquidator. Furthermore, the AGM – in view of the liquidation – approved to give the liquidator the task of deciding to immediately distribute to the shareholders of Ainax recorded in the shareholders’ ledger as per February 28, 2006, or such later date as may be announced at a later stage, one Series A share in Scania for each share in Ainax. The distribution of the Scania shares is estimated to be effected during March 2006. The remaining portion of Ainax’ assets will be distributed among the shareholders of Ainax after that Ainax’ debts and cost for the liquidation has been paid. This is expected to occur around the end of the year 2006. At the AGM, the board of directors of Ainax, Matti Sundberg (chairman), Arne Karlsson and Carl Riben, was re-elected, which, together with the managing director Mariana Burenstam Linder, will represent the company until the Swedish Companies Registration Office has appointed a liquidator. Ainax’ policy for the distribution of dividends states that all received dividend shall be further distributed. The AGM of Ainax held in May 2005 decided to distribute the dividends that the company had received from Scania in April 2005. The AGM decided not to distribute any dividends for the year 2006 due to the fact that Scania has not yet decided upon any dividends for the year 2006. For further information, please contact: Mariana Burenstam Linder, CEO, phone 08 - 611 88 10, mobile phone 070- 595 22 50,

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