Press release from the Board of Directors of Ainax AB (publ) ("Ainax") in relation to the annual general meeting and proposal for distribution of dividend

Ainax’s annual general meeting will be held on May 18, 2005, at 16.00, at Näringslivets hus, Storgatan 19, Stockholm. The Board proposes a dividend of SEK 15 per share (-) for 2004. The details regarding the matters to be considered at the general meeting will appear in the notice of the meeting, which will be provided separately. Stockholm March 18, 2005 Ainax AB (publ) Board of Directors ________________________________ For further information please contact: Mariana Burenstam Linder, CEO, +46 8 611 8810 or +46 70 595 2250 Mats Löfgren, CFO, +46 8 560 368 80 or +46 709 200 999 On April 16, 2004, the AGM of Volvo decided to transfer all of Volvo’s Series A shares in Scania to Ainax and distribute Ainax shares to Volvo’s shareholders. The purpose of Ainax’ business operations is to administer the Series A shares held in Scania. In Ainax’ articles of Association it is stipulated that if Ainax has not disposed of all of its shares in Scania by May 1, 2008 the company shall immediately enter into liquidation. Ainax AB holds 27,320,838 Series A shares in Scania, corresponding to 24.8 per cent of the votes and 13.7 per cent of the capital. The number of Ainax shares in issue corresponds to the holding of Scania Series A shares, thus providing a transparent basis for the valuation of the company. The Ainax share was listed on Nya Marknaden on June 8, 2004. On December 1, 2004, Ainax was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O-list. For further background information on Ainax please refer to Ainax’ website (

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