Infinity Tyres enhances the INF 030 line with the new Infinity Ecosis range

Infinity Tyres announces that it will enhance the INF 030 line with the newly-designed and greener Infinity Ecosis range, which will be formally launched during the next Infinity partners day to be held in China in May 2012 and will have is official European launch during the Reifen 2012 international trade show in Essen, Germany which will take place from 5-8 June 2012.

The tyre model it will enhance is the INF 030, a great tyre range which continuously outperformed some of its rivals in categories such as mileage, rolling resistance and dry breaking distance.

Infinity considered that it was time to further develop this model range, which was first introduced in 2006. Mr. Jorge Crespo, European General Manager for Infinity Tyres, stated that: “after taking the market feedback from many of our European customers, Infinity have designed a tyre which will fit their needs and that of their customers and one which will take advantage of all the new improvements available in tyre technology today”.

The new Ecosis range represents a substantial development over the previous tyre model, especially in its wet performance characteristics in order to make it a more balanced and complete product. The Ecosis range is being tested in Europe, as are all of Infinity’s new products, to ensure it will be a tyre range fully compliant with the new European tyre label legislation.

The new Ecosis range has been designed with more silica to improve the tyre’s performance over wet surfaces, including its grip, braking distance, and its resistance to aquaplaning. So as to further improve rolling resistance, Infinity have changed the range’s compounding and it has bought all-new aluminium moulds, as opposed to steel moulds, to achieve a better finish all around.

Mr. Jorge Crespo stated that the new Ecosis range had also increased its environmental credentials since it will be produced “using Infinity’s Eco-Friendly Fuel Efficient (EFFE) manufacturing process, and the preliminary tests we’ve had thus far are very encouraging”. The new Ecosis range is also ‘greener’ and Infinity’s eco-credentials are reflected in the new Ecosis brand name.

“Ecosis was chosen because it is a very eco-friendly tyre which reflects really well our commitment to the environment”, Mr. Crespo added. “Infinity believes in energy conservation and environmental protection as the guiding directions being pursued by the company. We believe that our EFFE process is a green and low-carbon manufacturing model which produces the kind of environmentally-friendly tyres which today’s market requires”, he stated.

The new Infinity Ecosis line of products will be gradually substituting the magnificent Infinity 030 during the second semester of 2012.