Infinity unveils its new international marketing strategy for 2012

Following on from the forthcoming presentation of its new tyre range, Infinity Tyres have unveiled the outline of their new marketing and communications campaign for 2012. This campaign is built around Infinity’s brand philosophy concerning its unswerving policy of only producing excellent quality tyres, never compromising safety, and always offering superb tyre design.

Mr. Jorge Crespo, European General Manager for Infinity Tyres, said that Infinity’s marketing aim is to “increase the very successful international media campaign Infinity runs in the various markets where it operates. This year Infinity has a lot of news for its partners and clients, and this new marketing campaign is only the beginning!”

Chief among Infinity’s new marketing actions will be its emphasis on expanding their successful DNA campaign. Infinity’s DNA campaign is built on the idea that Infinity Tyres have their own pedigree, one that makes them stand out from the crowd, hence their slogan “Not all tyres are created equal”. It also plays on the idea of their tyres being inimitable, just like DNA makes everyone a unique individual, so are Infinity tyres unique.

This spectacular new European campaign features a series of adverts where iconic monuments from several different countries are re-interpreted using an Infinity Tyre. Infinity’s marketing and advertising strategy is to tailor their publicity philosophy to each market, rather than using the standard approach of most tyre companies of ‘one-size-fits-all’.

As part of the new strategy, Infinity will also be running a competition to further promote this thrilling campaign where the prizes will include trips to some very exciting destinations.

Infinity’s new marketing campaign is also underscored by its continued media presence in the form of periodical newsletters issued by the main industry publications in the markets where it operates, as well as by the printing and distribution of its quarterly newsletter which is also available in a digital format and which is available at Infinity’s online press room: