AMETEK Brookfield Viscometers on Display at Global Petroleum Show

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MIDDLEBORO, MA – AMETEK Brookfield, a global leader in lab and process viscometers, has successfully provided its PVS pressurized rheometer and TT-100 inline viscometer to pressure pumping operations at oil/gas well sites for determining the rheological properties of drilling and fracturing fluids. Both instruments will be on display at Booth # 4223 at the Global Petroleum show in Calgary, June 7-9, 2016.

Well fracturing operations require proper rheology of the fracturing fluid. To optimize fracture operations, the fracturing fluid’s viscosity must be high enough under low shear conditions to suspend and carry proppant to the smallest crevices in the fractured rock. In addition, its viscosity must be low enough under high shear rates so that adequate flow to these newly fractured strata is obtained and the proppant is released.

As part of the laboratory development of the fluid, its rheology must be measured and evaluated over the majority of shear rates likely to be experienced at the well site so that an understanding of the fluid’s behavior is known before it is pumped through the system. This requires an easy to use computer-based, software-driven Couette rheometer, like the Brookfield PVS, that measures viscosity under pressure. In addition, the PVS provides the means to test at different shear rates, time spans, temperatures, pressures, and provides data analysis and data recording capabilities.  

For hydraulic fracturing, the TT-100 inline viscometer provides real-time, in-line measurements for gels moving in pressurized lines from the hydration unit before being pumped down-hole. It continuously verifies at the well site that fracturing fluid rheology is within established specifications and provides an alarm indication when it is not.  The net result is precise, real-time viscosity control along with a complete, accurate record of the fracturing process. The benefit is reduced costs, less wear on equipment, and lower risk of damage to the formation.

For drilling operations, the TT-100 with its Couette geometry also provides a way to create and communicate a new level of data for rig operators and drilling fluid suppliers that is extremely valuable and allows for greater efficiency, while reducing time and costs. The data allows users to calculate real-time Yield Point, Plastic Viscosity, and Equivalent Circulating Density information continuously. TT-100, which has been the workhorse of the stimulation industry for decades, has been adapted over the past several years to also meet the needs of the drilling fluids market..

AMETEK Brookfield, a world-recognized leader in viscosity measurement and control, has an 80-year history serving a broad variety of markets.  AMETEK Brookfield is an IS09001 certified company. For information about the PVS Rheometer, TT-100 Viscometer, or other AMETEK Brookfield AMETEK products and services, please contact 508-946-6200 or visit:  or email:


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AMETEK Brookfield is a leader in lab and process viscometers
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AMETEK Brookfield will display products at Global Petroleum Show
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Booth #4223, June 7-9, 2016, Calgary
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