Press Conference Announcement - Lisa Richards-Everton Civil Claim

The long awaited civil claim for compensation following the death of Lisa Richards-Everton’s husband, Paul Richards who died after receiving a fatal overdose of the drug Amphotericin in 2007, will be heard at the Birmingham Civil Justice Centre on Thursday 11th November, 2010 at 11.30am. Paul Richards, 35 from Sutton Coldfield had been diagnosed with non Hodgkins’ lymphoma in April 2007 and had been receiving chemotherapy at the Birmingham Heartlands Hospital. On 10th July 2007, Mr Richards had been suffering from the side effects of the chemotherapy. On 20th July 2007, he was prescribed an anti-fungal drug, Amphotericin. This drug was administered at five times the appropriate dose causing irreparable damage resulting in the death of Paul Richards. No media will be permitted into the court room as children will be present. A press conference will be held involving Lisa Richards-Everton and Tony Hall, partner from Anthony Collins Solicitors, approximately one hour after the conclusion of the hearing, at the offices of Anthony Collins Solicitors, 134 Edmund Street, Birmingham, B3 2ES More detailed briefing notes are attached.


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