Appspotr launches developer portal

Appspotr now proudly launches its developer portal that the company raised money for to build in connection with the IPO. This opens up new opportunities for third-party developers to earn money in the app economy.

When Appspotr was listed on Aktietorget at the end of 2016, the company raised money to build a developer portal. In this portal, third-party developers would be able to build modules that creators and non-coders could then buy and use to build apps. The plan that was communicated back then was to launch the portal in the first quarter of 2018 and according to that schedule, the company is now opening up the ports.

Initially, an application will be required to access the portal as a developer. Eventually, the portal will be opened up more and more while adding new functionality. The goal of the year is to build a strong community of developers who wants to develop services and sell them as modules in the marketplace in

"Our vision of what AppSpotr would be when we started in a dark basement many years ago was a Wordpress for apps. As we now launch the first version of our developer portal, we have taken a big step forward to make reality of that vision, says CEO Patric Bottne.

Patric Bottne, CEO, AppSpotr AB 

Phone: +46 701 46 61 89 



Appspotr makes it easy for individuals and businesses to create native apps online, without programming skills. The user builds the app using prefab plug-ins, the ability to customize design and content, and then publish the app in any app store. And in the same time Appspotr offers developers an opportunity to earn money to create the plug-ins used. Appspotr has 11 employees and is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.


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