How to enjoy National Park Week in Mesa Verde National Park

National Park Week, from April 22-28, is an excellent time to get out and explore our nation’s parks while benefitting from waived entry fees. It’s an exciting time at Mesa Verde National Park, which fully opened for the season on April 18.

While Mesa Verde National Park is open year round, many of the parks’ amenities- including lodging and dining, are closed during the off-season. Opening in spring, the Far View Lodge is the only lodging within the park, with spectacular views into three states and a central location to all Mesa Verde’s activities. Located at Far View Lodge, the Metate Room restaurant features fine cuisine inspired by the native Anasazi people who called Mesa Verde home 700 years ago.

The best way to explore Mesa Verde during National Park Week is on one of the park’s tours. The Classic Pueblo Tour and 700 Years Tour take guests on an interpretive journey through time to many of the park’s dwellings and include a walking tour of Cliff Palace. When not walking amongst the archeological sites, Mesa Verde is also a peaceful place to hike. Petroglyph Point is a 2.2 mile hike that ends at the only petroglyphs viewable in the park. Starting from Morefield Campground near the entrance of the park, Knife Edge Trail offers panoramic views of the Montezuma Valley.

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Quick facts

April 22-28 is National Park Week, when access to parks like Mesa Verde National Park is free.
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Mesa Verde National Park's season started on April 18
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The best way to explore Mesa Verde National Park is by taking a tour
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